My EP Family.

I'll just write down the names I know. The others know who they are.

MindStruggle- my mirror mind. We have so much in common. When It comes to deep thinking of course. We have 11 years difference though.

Sailormarz- my ex diary. I never really shared much with her but she is warm, weird, freaky in such a cute way. She's so cute. She hides things but she's always positive. Best friend goals.

LovelyGorilla- my weird Mirror self. She's so weird. Like just so weird. But that's her. That's how she is and she's open about it, that's why l love her so much. We are equally weird but she's more open. I wouldn't dare open up like that.

Irvy- my big brother. Who is currently growing up now so he doesn't talk to me or the family anymore so. Yeah. Brother sister goals. He took my "online Vīrgīñity" lol I could never forget how we met.

TacoGod/Unrealvision- my crazy friend. He screwed up in life but is working to make it better. We had a thing once but. He's tough. Strong. Smart but so stupid at the same time.

Tay- you know yourself. I don't really know your EP name. You're so controlled when around us. You're just chill compared to the rest of us. It's bad ***.

Jocelyn/PunkTurtles-my sister. We've had a rocky relationship lately. Now I truly realize who you are and how wrong people are when they think about you. I still look up to you. I admire you and you've heard this many times so you know exactly what I'd say.

Rusty/Justin- you're more than a big brother to me. The way he think is just unique. Direct. Straight forward and real.

Waffl3s- my daughter. Smart, unique, so tough and you're the cutest person EVER. Cuter than babies. She's that cute and she's smart too really smart. I want to bite her. 😒

We're all family.
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