When My Mom Found Out I Had A Tattoo...

The Dragon Wings tattoo, shown in my default picture, -is my actual tattoo. i had talked about it and talked about it and finally in Spring i decided to get it! i wanted to give it enough time to heal so that when swimming time came around i'd have no problem. i also wanted the wings on my back to go with my prom dress which was a plain navy blue and strapless.
Well my mother is never home, she is always out partying with her friends 4 days out of the week. so one weekend i decided to just go down there and get it! on a whim! and i did! it took several hours but i wanted it all done in one session so i could meet my deadline.
Well i was THRILLED i loved my tattoo; i still do. it is simply an extension of myself. its where i've been, its where i'm going. i love it.
Well when my mother came home Monday afternoon, i'd already missed that day from school -i dont remember why. i showed her my wings first thing. and she seemed to handle is well? she just got quiet and was like "oh... well... if thats what you want" and i was thinking that is went better then expected... (i expected a lot of yelling)... but that was only the beginning ...
Later she locked herself in her room, quietly, and remained there all evening. Just as i was getting to bed - ALL HELL BROKE LOSE!
at first i heard this small whining sound, i thought it might be a dog outside. as i listened it was someone crying - just wailing! i figured my neighbors had gotten in a fight again and the lady must be crying.. but that when i hear screaming -just "grrrr" kind of angry, deranged screaming and i knew it was my mother. i hear her get up and go down the hall to the kitchen, i hear her go into the liquor cabinet and i figure -okay, good she'll drink until she passes out -no harm. (she does that all the time) but that is NOT what happened. i was laying in my bed (on my stomach because i couldnt lay on my back or side -my tattoo was still feeling like a sunburn) when she comes into the room and grabs a fist full of my hair -yanking my whole upper body off the bed! i turned around and was able to control myself to only punch her in the arm to get her to let go. she starts screaming "dont you ******* hit me! i'll call the police!" -what?! she came and hit me FIRST! i told her that -and she DENIES IT?! what?! -but there's no getting through to her she's so drunk; she's convinced i hit her first?
So she screams at me, she cusses me out, but she never tried to hit me again after i hit back. Her main argument is that i'm going to Hell because i have a tattoo. -well i'm not into all this religion so i'm just like 'okay' -and honestly she hasnt been so into religion either but it was the way she was raised and it always comes back -its her main defense of her 'morals' (not dating outside your race, not getting tattoos etc.) even though she herself was raised baptist and she drinks and dances ALL THE TIME! those are her favorite things to do! -so. she has no right. so she screams at me. ABSOLUTELY SCREAMS at me that i will go to hell all this **** for HOURS! she screams at me for my interracial relationships; for my homosexual relationships, anything she can find wrong with me. and everytime i beat her with logic -she leaves and then gathers her thoughts to come back and scream at me more. Once she decided she was going to tell me things i didnt want to know? She tells me i was nothing but a mistake; that the only reason she wanted me was just incase my older sister had needed an organ and she would have gladly killed me to provide one for her. that i was nothing but "a kidney child" (-it sounds hilarious right? but it actually really makes you feel ****** about yourself to hear your own mother make these claims.) Then she decides to tell me how she lost her virginity at 15 and how everyone knew and how all the girls just hated her because they couldnt be with her boyfriend because they wouldnt put out and all this **** -making me absolutely sick. She then tells me how she tricked my dad into having me that she quit taking birth control secretly and convinced him not to use protection and 'made sure he got her pregnant' -gross. but it also made me feel extremely sorry for my dad ... and also like possibly he didnt want me either? -though we've always had a better relationship then me and my mom...
so all this was physically exhausting. this all started at 12am - she screams at me until 3am. -so by then i figure i'm not going to sleep. i'm too upset, too traumatized. i decide to go sit outside and smoke a cigarette. she comes out there bitching at me and then asks if i'm smoking weed? and said no and she goes 'oh thats too bad' so she bums a cigarette off me and i watch her waste the whole thing probably puffing off of it 3 times the whole time. So i had called my boyfriend at the time; he'd heard half of this. He told me to just hug her and tell her i loved her? -i just couldnt bring myself to do it -i hate this women soooo much. so finally i swallowed my pride and tried it. and she couldnt even tell me she loved me. so eventually as she's crashing (finally) i took her to her bed and she practically passed out before got there. i play video games until its time for me to go to school -she's still passed out in her bed. so i GO TO SCHOOL AFTER ALL THIS! -it was horrible. it was exhausting. i get home -she's in her bed dressed for work; she never even went! she got to sleep it off allll day. i cant believe my mother.
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..... Your mom is going through a severe case of menopause and from what I read of your story I'm 90% sure that I'm right, there are a few books/websites out there that can help you but I forgot em good luck anyways.