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This is hard to do because I've never put my story out there. It would take a lot longer than a post to write it all but ill summarize it. My father is a crackhead who I see from time to time and he has no recognition of who I am because he is too messed up on drugs to understand. My mom is addicted to perks although she will never admit it and snaps when anyone mentions it. She had breast cancer, three years ago but will never let anyone know she's a survivor. To her she still has it. She clutches on her sicknesses. My whole life my mom has been sick I don't think I remember a time where she didn't complain about her illnesses. She calls me about twenty times a day to say meaningless things to me and as soon as I walk in the door she starts to either complain how I do nothing or yell at me for something. Might I add she's a hoarder but won't admit It and I share a room with her. I get absolutely no privacy ever. When I'm on the phone I have to go outside the house so she doesn't listen to my conversations. She will drop things and blame it on me. I found out I was a bastard last year and anytime I say dad she snaps and tells me he's not my dad or that she didn't have me willingly. I honestly just don't know what to do anymore. Her life is so messed up but she wants me and my brother to be just as miserable. I mention moving out and she goes ballistic. All she does is talk badly about everyone and is just a terribly negative person. She provokes me so that I can hit her which I never have but I'm scared I'm getting to that breaking point.
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Please get help! You do not need to live like this. There is a better life and if you staying with your Mom is hurting you emotionally. You need to go the authorities. Your Mom needs help and you need a real Mom to love you. I'm crying for you. Please for your Brother and yourself get away! (Hugs)