I Have Learned That Crazy Is Not Always Bad!

My neighbor is from the Philippines.  I used to live there so I can understand most of what she says (the majority of Filipinos speak English, but with an unusual accent!).  We love having her around because she provides us with a constant stream of things to talk/laugh about.  AND she also provides us with food 3-4 times a week!  Now, Filipino food isn't world famous for a reason, but HEY!  It is way better than cooking!

She is a widow so she has no "man around the house" to do things for her.  Therefore, she has turned my husband into her "half-husband".  He has to do all these chores for her.  Me?  I just wait for him to come home so he can microwave dinner!

She is really crazy, but walag katapat! 

hjayala hjayala
51-55, F
Aug 7, 2010