I Have A Crazy Strange Upstairs Neighbor Who Follows Me In Each Room Of My Apartment...

My Mom and I, share an apartment together we just moved out of a bed bug infested building with very noisy loud neighbors who lived over us.
Now we live in a nice building but one  or two or more problems we face. One the neighbors in our building are very trifling and messy......we live in a dog loving apartment with people who let's their dog poop in the back courtyard under the porch where we put our grills, we don't have a grill.. and if we did we will not put it on ground in this building....people also leave the gate open nobody's worried about safety.
Other then that the building is semi quiet, and it's very spacious and we get good heat in this  winter freezing cold weather we've been having where I live.

This is what annoys me and makes me pissed off. I have this very nosey upstairs neighbor who is always following me and my Mom from room to room. We can't tell anyone because people would think we are crazy and paronoid, nobody would never know intill it happens to them ok.
When we are on the phone or talking loudly or normal, he comes in the room that we are in and stands there...we know he's there listening cause we hear the floor creeking, we have hardwood floors...we have no rugs down he doesn't either he hears every move we make, and we hear every move he makes. He does not work we think he lives alone or with an older lady...who could be maybe his mom or wife. He's like in his early to mid 50's the lady is in her 60's. She follows us around to but  she's not bad as him, he's like a ******* stalker...we have to creep and tip-toe around our own apartment, it seems like we can never get a break  inless he's sleep or steps out the house...and he barely goes anywhere and he has a car.

When he see us he's like so happy he's just creepy. We have exeperience this before in a another building we lived in about  4 years ago with another strange creepy upstairs neighbor who have the same similarities...both walk around with boots following us from room to room....nosey, get happy when he see us. I can't stand neither one of those crazy creeps. Like Rockwell's song " I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me"! True Story. 
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I walked out of my house a few weeks ago with a kitchen knife in my hand, moved by a sense of frustration and anger. Those neighbors were out there. I don’t know what I was going to do, but it would have been bad for me. Thank God for God. I believe he stopped me.

Today, I was desperately searching the web for some assistance with these harassing neighbors. I came across this forum and my jaw just dropped. I could not believe I found people who understand exactly what I am going through. I am experiencing these same issues with my upstairs neighbors, things that I have not even told my family members about because I feel that they would think I am crazy.

My neighbors are a young couple. They just moved in about 8 months ago. Prior to that the apartment had been vacant for about 1 year. They have hardwood floors put in by the previous neighbors that I can only assume do not meet the sound code. In other words, the previous tenants added the hardwood floors without consulting with the ordinances regarding sound limits. I can deal with that. Walking across a hardwood floor in heels? No problem. Loud music? Never had a complaint about it. It’s not a big deal to me if you are just going about your day and minding your own business. But this new couple??? As soon as they moved in they started throwing heavy objects on the floor, then laughing. They started jumping up and down on the floor and laughing. Then they would follow me from room to room. When I got up from bed in the middle of the night, they would get up. Without fail. Every time I go into the kitchen, there they are. Now this is gross, but here goes—They would have loud sex above my head. When I would move to a different location. They would move to where I was and continue. They would turn on the washing machine at odd hours of the day (2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m.) When my phone rings, they race across the room to listen. Sometimes, when they cannot tell what room I am in, they pace around the house until they can find me. Then when they find me, in the kitchen for instance, they stand over me and start throwing heavy objects. Now here is the real problem!!! When I am in the bathroom doing my hair, I can hear them say “she’s doing her hair.” When I am in the living room reading, they say “she’s reading.” When I am done brushing my teeth, they say “she’s done brushing her teeth.” How can they seem me? I can’t figure out how they can see me in my bathroom. There must be some peep hole somewhere, but I can’t find it. I will also add, when I leave my house, they are hanging over a “walk way” above me watching me leave. I can see them at the corner of my eye as I leave. Without fail, every morning, they are there. I have dressed in the dark. I have kept the lights out. I know they are getting a big kick out of freaking out the older lady downstairs (meaning me). I used to exercise in my living room, I am not comfortable doing that anymore, because as soon as the DVD comes on, they scurry out the house and hang over the walkway above and watch and laugh and laugh the whole time.

I prayed today that God would help me. I think this forum is an answer to my prayers. I am a 46 year old woman, who does not have enough money to move. This is not an apartment, it’s a condo. So I’ve invested all this money and was looking to retire here. Not sure if I should bring the police in or what. Sometimes, if the police are brought in and do absolutely nothing, it gets worse. I’m just shaking my head right now over the knife situation. This is not who I am. Thanks for listening.

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You're not crazy, this has been happening to me.

Luckily the company boss decided to let me go (4 months into my lease), because I've complained so much and I've been ruining their reputation online. My landlord is a freaging idiot and has done nothing to help and the last thing I heard from her, is her blaming ME, saying I'm insane (when she talked to the problematic individual, she lied).

The girl below me is messed in the head.. The moment she walks in, she stomps around, slams doors, slams cupboards, bangs around generally, etc. and it makes my floors shake at times.

Every week, she gets plowed by her bf and what it is they're on, it hits the wall and floor and makes mine shake and makes a very LOUD constant banging sound. She's a disrespectful moron.

I'm an exception when it comes to being quiet, because I'm very OCD and respectful. I've tip toed and spider-maned my way across the floors in the most quiet way possible and I've made sure not to make any other noise what so ever, at all times. Since my lease is up in a month, I've decided to have my fun, if you know what I mean (noise).

If any of you live in a non-soundproof apartment and you're noisy, you're an absolutely mother ******* piece of ****.

Gotta keep my comment PG!

Some one is doing a similar trick to me. They make comments like, "We'z drive'n dat nigga" , "Dat nigga iz in dis room, not dat room", "Dat nigga ain't gone get no sleep to night, hahahaha". When they are over the bathroom the woman says things like "Dat nigga in nare playin' wit hid ****. He be playin' wit hid booty". They keep me up to 2 to 4am. Then wake me somewhere between 5 to 10 am. Sometimes they slam something on their floor to do it. Lucky I work in the evening. Somehow this thug woman is on her fourth thug boyfriend in seven months and all of these grown men go alone with it. Her child is in trouble if he doesn't realize this is wrong.

I got crazy ***** upstairs sits on her *** watching me with cameras from 8 in morning till bed..sicko...her *** must be flat from sitting..don't know what her man sees in her lazy ***

I believing you my friend I have the same mater even worth then you I hopp somebody helping us

Complain about the landlord and your situation online repeatedly and tell them you're doing it. Keep things legal though. Expose them.

Hi my friends I've got exactly same story but the woman who lives with me she doesn't believe me please some body tells me what to do even police would not believe it

If this keeps happening you should move out. My Mom told my landlord about the sick bastard upstairs and our landlord told us to document everything he does....like record his movements, and sounds wherever room we are in the apartment. We have not done it yet...because we plan on moving out this spring for sure. So you should document everything that's happening then report it to the police, hopefully that helps good luck!

Complain about the landlord and your situation online repeatedly and tell her you're doing it. Keep things legal though.

Hey u should get ahold of me and let me know if you've done anything to stop these ******** cause I have the same exact problem where I live

I plan on moving next year for sure. What are you doing about your crazy neighbor?

Complain about the landlord and your situation online repeatedly and tell them you're doing it. Keep things legal though. Expose them.

I know this is an old post, but I'm going through something similar. The Chinese girl who lives above me, she lives alone. We have to hear each other all the time. Terrible soundproofing in the building. At night, when I go to bed, she knows I’ve gone to bed. I guess she listens. And right when I get into bed, she starts stomping around, and then she goes to bed at the same time as me. As if she was waiting for me to go to sleep first. I can hear her above me. Sometimes I go to bed later, thinking she’ll leave me alone, but then she goes to bed whenever I do. If I go to bed early, she does the same, complete with all her stomping. The other problem now, and I know it sounds crazy, but she cooks this acrid stinky food, I think on purpose. It causes my whole apartment to stink. I was so mad that eventually I made some comments out loud about it. I think she heard me. So now, every evening she cooks the stinky food. It’s the worst smell. And she cooks it even on 100 degree days (It’s extreme heat right now where I live). The thing that makes me think it’s done on purpose is that when I"m out, and then I come home, it doesn’t smell. But a short time after I get home, I start smelling her witches brew. And it’s not something that goes away after a while. The smile stays strong ALL NIGHT, and throughout the early morning. She must be cooking this stuff all the time. It’s awful. Sometimes I won’t smell anything, but right when I get into bed to go to sleep, the smell starts up, and she starts banging and stomping. It’s crazy. The weird thing is, this lady doesn’t seem to like me. Yet she seems to pay lots of attention to me. I go out of my way to avoid her. I use a white noise machine to try to ignore her. Anyways, the bottom line is, if you rent an apartment, try to get something that doesn’t have someone over or under you. Unless you know the building has real good soundproofing.

Wow that's messed up about the smelly food your neighbor cooks and the stomping.
I wish I could live on the top floor in apartment building but I can't. My Grandma lives with my Mom and I....and my Grandma can't climb too many stairs. The only way we could live on a top floor is the apartment building have to have an elevator. We could try to rent a town home. Nobody should have to deal with a crazy stalking noisy annoying neighbor.

I have a downstairs neighbor who does this. Last year, my apt. mgr. moved this noisy family of 5 downstairs into the apt. under mine. They were noisy, had ghetto-*** kids who used to play soccer in the house all the time because the mother was too lazy to take them to the park, and they played this awful polka music all the time. When I complained to the mgr., she gave me this racist speech about Latino rights and told me if I didn't like it, I should find another place to live. That was war. I ended up rallying everyone else and got those idiots evicted out of here. Now, there's a new tenant--another mental patient named Alejandra. This chick is so gross and creepy. I work from home. To my knowledge, she does nothing. I don't assume she works from home because she's home when I am and is always playing loud music. No one in their right mind can work through that. But the real weird things that this woman follows my boyfriend and I through the house. She also keeps our hours so she can wake up and sleep when we do. A couple of the other neighbors tried to warn me that she was psycho before they got fed up and left, but I'm only just putting two and two together. I'm kind of getting the hunch that she's a plant from the mgr. or owner to get me out of the building. I grew up in the South however. I'm used to racist ******** and they don't faze me much.

Frankly, if she wants to follow me around, she's doing so at her detriment. I'm on the top floor; she's below. I can make her life a hell of a lot more miserable than she can make mine. Still, it's so boring and gross to me that this person's only interest or entertainment in life revolves around me and my apartment. I have to take personal calls in my Closet because she eavesdrops and lately, she's followed me in there. I just sound proofed it so I can have some privacy. I can hear her scratching at her ceiling/my floor to move stuff around so she can hear better. Forget gun control; this country needs to offer mental health services for stalkers like this with her myriad kinds of personality defects and grossly misplaced affections.

Your post is quite bigoted, racist, and then you accuse other people of being racist. I understand not liking noisy people, but their being Hispanic, or not having a job, has nothing to do with being noisy. I can tell you from experience, there are loud, rude people in every nationality, white, black, and every other skin color. No offense, but you sound kind of nuts, paranoid. I thought I was weird for my problems, but your post is making me think maybe I should chill out. When people on here complain about their neighbor not having a job, or the neighbor being lazy, you sound like you're the one eavesdropping on the neighbor. What business is it of yours what they do with their life? That has nothing to do with them being noisy. A person can not have a job, and still be quiet. If you work from home, those people may think YOU are unemployed. So you don't know what's going on with people. It sounds like you should find an apartment that is single level, with no one above or under you. Or rent one that's over a garage. If you can't move, then invest in 2 or 3 white noise machines, and keep them on all the time, or get a pair of noise cancelling headphones and wear them all the time. Or wear a good pair of ear plugs when you're at home.

Oh and as for your other comments, if you don't like that people on this forum comment about the goings on of their neighbors then stay off the forum because I also clearly stated that I work from home. I'm made privy to her nonsense for that reason and that reason only. The only time ANY of my neighbors pop into my mind is when I'm forced to hear them because they lack common sense and social grace. Furthermore, I've been a tenant here longer than she has. She can go. I'm staying put. But thanks for your string of uninformed, innocuous, baiting. You definitely come across as part of the problem in this world--not a solution.

Just like you were quick to point out your ASIAN neighbor is an *sshole who cooks smelly food and is harassing you, the psychos I'm dealing with happen to be Latino. Nobody said they were bad because they're Latino. Not that it's any of your business, but I'm related to People of all races--including Latino people!!! I said they're being enabled by a Latino building mgr. If anybody's racist, it's her. Please make sure you comprehend things before commenting because you belittle this forum with stupid rantings about race. Your comment could just as easily have been posted without your neighbor's race, but you put in in anyway. Does that make you a bigot because you did, or does it make you a person with a problem reaching out to other people? Think next time, kiddo. Had they been white, I would have described them as such. Had they been black, same thing...

Hello... Ice26 you're not alone. My Uncle experienced it so bad, he'll never live in an Apt again. I am experiencing it now...though God's getting me through it, and it's getting better, since spending much time in prayer. My church is helping me get moved. Drug people live here...& drugs do terrible things to the mind. Destroys the natural sexual urges in some, and helps create more sick hormonal problems I've seen, and know, in the perhaps already mentally ill. But the man above me, crept over the restroom, creeps other places somewhat, now (is getting better now days), but is now liking to listen when I leave. I've protested some, letting him know, (yes from within the walls) LOL, that he's being abnormal. He also hardly shops and seems to get mad when I'm preparing food, then makes noise. But no one runs over me, I just politely make a little noise myself. A real SICK man though.They like to do this (sick folk like this to ladies that live in a house where there's no man present). They're also what I call coward-like. But I hopefully will have police presence when I move, I've told them about the situation, cause the wako, & other dope people would like to follow me when I leave, till I started taking their picture with my cellphone. But God has the 1st and last laugh, I'm praying for you all~ Always DEb

Complain about the landlord and your situation online repeatedly and tell them you're doing it. Keep things legal though. Expose them.

This sound just like my creepy next door neighbor named Dave Kilian he is super creepy and does a lot of weird stuff,I think he's the creepiest person on the planet!hes a creepy weirdo!

I've experienced it for altogether 2 years almost now, once in old apt, it was a creepy wmn who I believe liked women, now it's a creepy man. It's sad so many hospitals can take care of these people, and have to let them out, because they're overbooked for beds...put believe me, God does hear our prayers and does reward everyone for their deeds.

True, Ms. S.M, the stalkers do get mad when confronted about their behavior, sometimes throw things etc, and do other mental stuff. But I've also been blessed with a 6'3" adopted son, as my daughter just let it go in one ear type of attitude almost about the mess, or said ignore it. My other daughter ignores some situations as well, but hey God is magnificent...awesome I've now got extended family! Bet that stalker man wont mess with son, LOL

I have a creepy lady upstairs of me too,this lady follows us around we've moved our bed around the room and she does the same thing..twice my doors was open my dishes was washed and a bottle of perfume was found in my apartment..But ppl thinks am crazy but am not..Ive been watching that same perfume on ebay..then it shows up in my house..i also thinks she bugged my apartment.I am scared of her..i said it out loud i don't like her..Now she seems pissed,she's been dropping really heavy stuff on the floor over and over when she sees me she drives up close to me and walks up close to me...I don't like this feeling..but in my gut i feel like she wants to hurt me..My husband just got back from deployment so he's home everything is ok,once he leaves she starts..drill is coming up for him and he has to leave and i don't feel safe..i told the landlord twice they've warn her but its not stopping her anger..God knows i don't feel safe.

That's really creepy how long have you going through this?

My fiance swears this is happening to us. My only concern is. HOW DO THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHICH ROOM YOU'RE GOING IN???? Especially if you're not talking so that can't hear you. We probably can hear them before they can actually hear us. I do feel things are possible but I have not seen any real sign. I've even sat with Him when he thought it was happening but the guy was in a total different room. This guy is always home all the time as well. So he could be disabled and lonely. I have had times when I was home alone I might be cleaning or on the phone and that causes me to walk back and forth. We walk around our own apartment just as much the only thing is HE CAN'T HEAR US!! But anyway if it makes him feel better I will not mind us getting the EMF you can never be to sure . Again... Anything is possible I just don't believe we're a victim...

We know that the creep upstairs is following and listening to our every move, we have creaky hardwood floors....so when we go into a certain room, they would follow and make stumping noises.... We do have rugs in some rooms...we have very thin walls we can hear him and he can hear us...you could be a stalking victim.

JS - Stalkers keep their volume down so they can hear your moves. Also apts that are not brick, or insulated as heavily, they can hear you more easy. Or if they have little furniture, which muffles out sound, they can probably hear you even better. The man upstairs, I don't hardly ever hear a TV, just like with the woman who did this, she evidently was purposely keeping her place quiet, to listen into mine. The male one, he even likes to sleep over my livingrm. Also used to creep over my room, when I turned in at night.

Hi guys! I've just received an email about your responses today! Happy New Years by the way. However I do not believe we were victims. We ended up breaking up and I was able to live in our apartment for the last 3mos of our lease by myself. I was working out after work, so I got to see who lived above us. He was working at night and home throughout the day. There was never an odd altercation. Simply cause when I was at work he was home. When he was at work I was home. My ex fiance just so happened to work the same shift as he did. There was no way we were being stalked. However I do believe ppl are being stalked, I just don't think we were. I pay attention to my surroundings and any red flags. Well at least I wasn't the one being stalked lol. There was two of us living there.

may have hidden camerasPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

We had that checked out no hidden cameras. If there were hidden cameras.. Why would they need to follow you from the level above you? They should be able to just see you. Reality is if you feel you're being stalked do something about it. It will give you peace of mind. Things like this can and will drive ppl crazy if they don't know the truth. I say hire someone to find out.

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I've had the same experience with every apartment I've lived in. It's like they are tracking you like a hunter. Sounds crazy but it's true. I find also that when you tell people about it, they either ignore it or simply think your nuts. Those trackers either are lonely, seeking attention or just plain psychotic. Once they start tracking you and they find that you know it, they are very elusive. You hardly ever see them anymore and some will smile in your face. That's what happens when you share walls with people you don't know.

Omg.....I'm going through the same thing except my neighbor is a female ....I am as well...she follows me everywhere I go in my apartment...she purposely stumps at me all hours of the night. I don't bother her at all and I'm a quiet person. The worst thing is when I go into my bathroom ....I feel as if my privacy us being invaded...like she's watching me, she has put lies out in me...I feel this should be some type of stalking law. I can't sleep at night...I have severe depression now. However I refuse to be defeated by her and move....I haven't done anything wrong. I cry out to God and yes I do pray for her !!

I have called the police they won't do anything about the noise because they don't hear it when they come out....I think they think I'm crazy when I tell them about the other part... (her following me) but she stumps at me that's why I told the police about the following me part

u r not crazy if u have had maintenance in your apt they may be friends and had copies made of key

Complain about the landlord and your situation online repeatedly and tell them you're doing it. Keep things legal though. Expose them.

Don't let it get to you...God is greater!!! I'm going thru EXACTLY the same thing so I know how you're feeling. You're not crazy at all! The neighbor has some kind of listening device that can easily hear through walls. The fact that someone would spend their time harassing their neighbor all day long is the unbelievable part but true. really pathetic...

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Call the police, he stalking you. Cannibal like to fellow there victims.Potential future victims. This is happen to right now,this cannibal is Chinese. He looks real creep.

This is happening to many, many people. None of us are crazy. My upstairs neighbor follows me from room to room as well and has stalked me while I walk to my job. It's bizarre. My mother and my friends have noticed the following in the apartment too. My apartment and car have also been broken into several times, but of course, I have no proof to nail the jerk, yet.

To everyone: Buy an EMF detector or download a free EMF reader app if you have a smartphone. These measure the presence of electronic devices. I found holes in my ceiling, and the EMF reader goes crazy when I take measurements there and in the air vents as well. There are also companies that will come to your home and take professional measurements, for around $100. I'm hiring one this week so I can have the proof I need to take legal action, and I urge everyone dealing with this to do the same. Something strange is going on in the world today. We need to stand up to these creeps so we can get this to stop.

I'm sorry this is happening to you and your car and apartment has been broken into several times. What about moving out the apartment building? I know it's not easy moving these days, moving can be a hassle. Does the sick creep know where you work? Good Luck to you and be careful!

Thank you for the info I mite look into that

its happening ro me now..few more mths then I will get even ..heck I can hear her reading what im typin now

I swear mine follows and tries to listen not that we're quiet but whenever I get up at night ill hear him and during the day he's there all day but I hear no tv no radio just a few tip toe steps and tossing in mattress and one time I woke up screaming for waking up late and I swear I scared him like it sounded as if I startled them I feel like he can see me it's weird how can I 100%test him or do a joke to trip him out to see if I get a reaction

Everything you said I feel like that weirdo does the same thing him and his dumb old wife. I can't wait to move out in the summer.
Good luck to you!

I found holes in the ceiling over the beds in both rooms I stuck a pen up one of the holes and felt something soft insulation carpet I don't know it was creepy

That's scary you should report that to the landlord or get the police involved to check that out.

I can relate. I have had the same experience for over a year...and of course I will simply move out this year. One thing I do..from time to time is give the person upstairs a work out. I simply walk fast all over my apartment to let them know how stupid they are; like a pup-it.

Sometimes we walk in high heels all over the house from room to room, and this sick a$$hole runs to the front and back door, to see if we are leaving out of our apartment... so he can run out of his apartment to see us.
We can not stand him or his wife.

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Thank you. I have a neighbor just like it. We caught him peeking out window at us several time and he quickly ducks under the window sill upstairs. He never goes anywhere except when we shut off our last bedside lamp then he creeps downstairs creepy quietly and goes outside or wherever for 1 hour. We have no privacy. He,ll always asks about my daughter that lives with me. He'll even follow us into our bathroom then walks out when we are done. When walking outside he'll peer into our windows and sometimes waves at us. I'm so fed up with him! He's 62 years old and all alone without TV, radio, telephone, or car. Never has anyone come to see him and his family doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Help Mr. Wizard!

hank you for validating my ordeal. I believe my upstairs neighbors are using a baby monitor to tract my movement a around my apartment. She is tampering with my water pressure so my shower flows slowly. I have to wait until she leaves her apartment to take a shower. I live in Texas where its permissable to record someone without their OK. Other states allow recording only with agreed permission of two parties involved. Remember that when you visit Texas & most southern states. Also buy a device to detect Speedtek if a audio or camera is in a room. A current local news report of Hyatt hotel employee hiding covert camera in ceiling of bathroom filming guest. Employee did not get jail time. Sierra Ridge Apt C107 Austin, Texas

Omg that's terrible to have neighbors to spy on you with a tracking device, it's like we are being watched in our own homes, by our stalking neighbors.
It should be against the law to spy on your neighbors or guest in hotel rooms with spying devices. It's bad enough we are being watched when we go to stores or public places where they are surrounded by cameras, which I don't mind cause it's so much violence in the world....but you don't want to be at home being watched and listened to by our stalking nosy/noisey neighbors, that don't have a life, but to annoy and stalk.
Oh and thanks for the heads up about the hotels in texas whenever I visit

I m experiencing similar activities from upstairs neighbors. She follows me around apartment and let's me know she is directly above my head by dropping hearvy objects. Sierra Ridge Apts. C107 in Austin, Texas

Mine does to and he's an sicko I can't stand him!

I have experienced this first hand for a full year! (Couldn't break the lease). There wasn't much I could do unfortunately to get it to stop. A old couple from India living with their daughter were the tormentors....they NEVER left their apartment. They followed every move I made from the front door to the shower. If I sat down on the couch they could here it. I did not live in an old building, in fact it was pretty new but the sound traveled really well through the walls IF you were intentionally trying to listen(putting your ear to the wall/floor etc) I found that white noise generators mounted to the ceiling or against the walls worked the best. Most people though I was a little nuts when I mentioned it to then but finally I got a group of friends to quietly sneak in and experience it...it made me feel so much better. They sat in the middle of the room on the floor and silently laughed as the people upstairs followed me around like dogs. Now that I don't live there and time has gone by I kind of just laugh about it because I realize how much I controlled these peoples lives. They might as well have been sitting in a cage as much as their apartment.

I agree but nobody believes this is happening the average person you tell this too, they would say, "It's all in your head!"...I sometimes believe he has some tracking device set up in his apartment,he's a sick person sorry for what you are going through thanks for your comment.

I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been living under this type of harassment for more than a year now. I think there should be through wall radar involved in this type of harassment, but as i see more and more cases like yours and mine i'm no longer sure about it.

That's terrible that they was stalking and stealing your mail,good luck to you as well in finding a better place to live. Thank you for your comment!

good luck with that situation i have problems people stalking me once i leave my apartment i had to get landlord and cops involved so that calmed it down some but i still hate where i live. best you can do is try to find a different place which is what im trying to do. I been lookking online different stories at least where i live it isnt a "dangerous" "ghetto" area just annoying nosy neighbors i think i rather live with nosy f****rs than killers or somethign like that they do also steal my mail i have my important stuff go to my sisters which is a pain but nothing else i can do till i can move to a place with safe locking mail boxes