Nosy Neighbor

We have all heard of the nosy neighbor. THey are the person on the block that knows everybody's business. They know when you left your house and who you came back with.

 Recently me and my mother moved to a new neighborhood. We live next door to a 93 year old woman. So Today my dad took me Last minute Christmas shopping.  He dropped me off in front of my moms house.  When i got out the car my dad was talking to me about the weekend plans. I remember looking up at the attic window of her house and i saw her sitting there by the window watching me! It was almost funny because Something told me she would be nosy ..... Well so far this is all I have experianced with her but it's only been a week. I'm sure I have to moniter everything I do from now on  haha

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3 Responses Dec 22, 2009

At 93 years old... What happens on the other side of that window is her biggest source of excitement!<br />
Take her some cookies and I bet she'll put on some tea. You may have a wonderful opportunity just steps away.

lol! yes she is very old so i dont think theres is much else for her to do

lollollollol :-) i think every neighbourhood has one of those neighbours,. One of my neighbours, get other people to look out for her, and report back with news of what other people are up too!! For example a friend of mine was going to see another friend of our's, well this ''nosy neighbour'' knew what time she left her house and which way she walked to see this friend! it's funny if it wasn't so sad! like get a life!!! lol :-)