My Little Rodent!

so i have this little hampster, i got her after my first and favorite one died. Her name is coal and i picked her out cuz she was the tiniest cutest little hampster, i have had her for a few months and she just hates me! she hates people touching her, everything scares the crap out of her and ...SHES AN ESCAPE ARTIST! she has gone missing  about 5 times now, she has jumped from my hands and i have chased her around for an hour, she got out of her 3 times she managed to twirl the bottom off her sleeping area (and jumped from incredible heights-like from the bookshelf to the floor and survived) and this morning i find that she is gone again but there are no clues to how she got out or where! she ran in her ball last night for a while, i put her back in the cage, everything was shut tight, i taped up the bottom of her dome (sleeping area) and POOF! shes gone :S its very confusing and i feel a little crazy...ahh

anybody want a hampster? FREE CAGE AND ALL!

pinknailpolish89 pinknailpolish89
22-25, F
Feb 11, 2009