Got It

1st payment...paid off $350 yesterday..will pay off another $400 on friday...THEN  can get my big arse 50 inch hd tv...nearly 2/3 of my goals have been reached.

Not too bad considering its only april 5th.

Have been looking around at lounges, want a real leather lounge, not bonded, in black. Am Happy.
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4 Responses Apr 5, 2011

LC have spent the last 10 years being enjoying my purchasing power and paying off credit card gives me financial goals, instead of wasting all my money....It IS fun!!!... :)

Wow! You are a busy shopper lately!!<br />
How fun!! Enjoy!!

Yeah ..good point fact I may only have my job for another 6 weeks as the catering company I work for lost the contract for the nursing home where i I will pay off the stuff i brought today in the next 6 weeks...and hopefully can keep my job when new company takes over....

Glad to read that you are happy, meteorite!<br />
<br />
But watch out for those credit card thingies... They're fine while you're earning money and can make regular payments, but.... yesterday I got a Final Demand for $5 303.96 that has to be paid by April 11. And me on a Disability Pension!