My Neighbor Is On Megans List

How should I start this but to say I'm sure my story is better than anyone's. My neighbors are absolute morons when we first moved in we got along with them. I have to say they are not the type of people whom I would want as friends but, just didn't want any problems. They decided a little over a year ago that they hate every one on the block. Now they feel that they own the block. Their children scream **** you I hate you at all of us. The police hav e been called numerous times and they seem to have given up even coming. I was to live next to white trash that would be an upgrade these people are worse. They accused us of breaking their car window out. We did not, that is not my type of retaliation. My window did get broken along with nails in the driveway, an air compressor hose was cut, rocks have been thrown at our house windows etc. Whenever we go outside obscenities are a constant along with driving by our house flipping the bird etc. They have threatened us physically etc. The father is on the sex offenders list and encourages their daughter to shake her *** at the cars driving by, all of the children moon cars passing by etc. They have a dog that is in the street and when a car stopped before hitting it and said move it the fathers respone was move what it's a ******* dog. Their cat was in our yard twice in two days and scratched my dogs When discovering what I guessed was a stray my husband picked it up with tongs (in order to avoid being scratched) as we were going to call Animal control. The daughter screamed it was hers I then screamed well come get it. My husband took the dogs in and I gave her her soggy cat. I honestly thought it was hurt as it had been under my truck for almost a day. The next morning it was back and while tyring to get away from my dog it fell in their 5 gallon water bucket that is outside(my dogs are on an electric fence and cant leave my yard) I again returned a Very soggy cat lol. They obviously did not appreciate that so next time I will call animal control andnd let them take the appropriate actions. They have 5 children and all of them collect social security. They constantly complain about my dogs and get them all excited although they have a dog and a rabbit and a cat that invades everyone elses property. This happens every day. I have video of their children running in the middle of the street mooning cars etc. They have been fined etc but why would that be a deterrent since we pay their salary. I am just very frustrated this goes on every day and I know CPS has been called and noone helps us. They play football in the middle of a very busy street. Why am I made to feel like a second class citizen when they are the ones at fault. She is obviously a coward since after several days being exposed to constant threats I have invited her to come down off her porch and we could settle the problem and she refuses to respond. She then screams that she is going to get her sister who "likes to fight with police" come over. Who, cares I bet that whole police assault thing worked out real good for her lol. My husband works long hours and is not exposed to much of this and he refuses to even acknowledge their existance so as I told him I just hope one day he doesn't either have to come get me from the local jail or walk in on me disposing of the bodies lol. I certainly wouldnt do that.
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Jun 13, 2011