PTA Neighbor Lady Creeps Me

I recently moved to a beautiful idyllic neighborhood.  I was so happy, as we had moved from a not so nice area.  Well, I thought I had the normal, PTA, mini van mom next door.  Haha, was disguise.  This woman creeps me out.  She looks like the little nice mom of the neighborhood neighborhood mom.  After talking to her I started realizing she was keeping really close track of who came to our house, what we were buying, (from boxes in recycling), she tried to get a lot of info about my kids.  I sensed she was nosy and dodged most of her questions.  Then her kids started beating on my kid like he was a punching bag.  They would chase him when he got off the bus, push him down and kick him in his back and stomach.  They would run by my 3yr old daughter and try to knock her down. I finally mentioned to her that her kids were too rough with mine after then knocked my son off the top of clubhouse.  I hate her kids, they are not just normal rough kids, they are very mean spirited.  She had a blank look, never apologized when I told her they hurt my kids.  I switched bus stops and we pretty much made ourselves scarce since I did not want to interact with her anymore.  Well she confronted me at a birthday party this weekend and I tried to be nice and said, I think our kids just need a little space from yours.  They are playing a little too rough and its hurting their feelings.  She looked blank, could careless and kept pushing stuff till I finally told her off.  I felt bad, I did speak to her in a mean way.  At the same time I hope her brats leave my kids alone and she minds her own business.

It was also creepy too, because her kids had questioned my kids as to why he switched bus stops and he didn't answer.  She she says, "You're kids are keeping secrets from my family."  Like everything we do is her business.  I think that was what set me off with her.  I told her to keep herself and her kids away from me and mine.  

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

OMG! Crazy! Her whole family sounds nuts. I am so sorry. I feel bad for your kids, they are just kids and shouldnt have to put up with your neighbors crap or your neighbors crappy kids. <br />
<br />
I wish you luck dear