My Brother Isn't What I Thought


I have always thought of  my little brother as a little bit lazy and some one who likes computers and engines, but I could never have imagined the things he have done. I thought he understood better then to follow others and to do such stupid things. It began after Christmas when my parents got a phone call from the police. You have to understand that we, my family and I, thought higher of him. I'm 17 years old, and he 15.

Earlier my uncle had been spreading rumors about my little brother; that he had been involved in a lot of bad stuff that has happened  here, in our little town. Me and my family was outraged; why would he spread such false rumors? Never did we think that he could be telling the truth. 

My parents got the phone call from the police and they went up to my little brothers friends house, where the police and my bother and his two friends were waiting. Apperently my brother (whom I shall call D from now on) and his friends had broken into a summer house nearby and the police had tracked them down. It came as a shock, and we were very concerned since it's not my brother who is going to have to pay the fines, but my parents. It's probably that that is affecting my more. If it was only D who had to take the consequences an not our family who never really have had a good economy, then I would not be as pissed and disappointed. I don't want to loose our house and all our stuff just because my brother's an idiot! 

Then he got caught driving a snowmobile (we live in Sweden) on a road (it's illegal, only allowed to drive it on special tracks for snowmobiles)  and with one and a half litre moonshine and today his school called. He had been playing around with fire in the school with his friends. I don't know what to do, my parents are sad since they think they have failed bringing him up correctly. 

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I do understand exactly how you feel about your brother and what he is doing to his family, as well to his self. He just does not seem to get it that he is ruining the rest of his life as well as his family's life. That to me is very selfish, but you also have to realize that a person can be raised correctly and properly every time and still turn out wrong, example Ted Bundy, {not saying your brother is a serial killer} was raised by Christian well to do parents but turned out to be one of the most notorious serial killers there has ever been. The point is that your back ground really does not determine who you choose to turn out to be. Just remember that it is not your fault nor your parents fault that it is his he is old enough to make his own choices in life. Even if they are stupid ones. I think your parents should send him to someone that might get through to him and be able to show him the road he is traveling down and where it will take him.