My Step Father

My mother's current husband is a cross dresser. He's a great guy and we are really close friends. I consider him more of a friend than a father, because he is my mother's 4th husband. They did not get married until I was 17, so by that time I had already had three other dads. He was kind enough to not push me into excepting yet another dad.

My step farther and my mother have been married for 19 years and are great together. So, obviously, just because he loves to wear a confortable skirt, comfy flowered nightgowns, and ladies open toe shoes, does not make him gay. He is definitely strait, my mother could attest to that.

In comparison to all the men my mother has been married to, this man has treated her best. He has always been there for her. When she was at her worst, he was there by her side. He has always been a loving friend to me whenever I needed it.

So, the moral of this is, it's not the clothes that make the person, it is those inner qualities that are what really make a person. I love my step-father dearly and could care less whether he wears a skirt or not. If anything, him embracing those inner feminine qualities makes him a much more loving person.


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This is fantabulous!....

That is just so cool. :)<br />
<br />
And, good for all three of you!

4 sounds like your Mom's lucky number.

Beautiful said. I have loved wear lingerie for many years. But I am not gay. Thank you for stating this so very well.

I think thats an AWESOME story!! My boyfriend is two-spirited, before me he hadn't dated a girl in about 10 years, and he still goes out in drag pretty regularily... people ask me all the time how I feel about it, I just tell them that when he moved in, my wardrobe & makeup selection tripled! Our relationship is the best thing thats ever happened to me, and your so right.. its not the clothes, or the makeup, its who a person is. Im basically in love with my gay best friend lol, and Ive never been happier with anybody in the past.

Very nice for you to make this positive comment about cd'ing

I as well am proud to embrace my feminine side and I have nothing to be ashamed of.<br />
One of the things about dressing up is having more understanding of woman.<br />
With me it was not just waking up one day and thinking that it might be fun to dressup or a sexual preference.<br />
I was about 7 when I put on my first dress and I felt like....well. I felt like me, its hard to explain so wanting to be 'gay' at 7 years old is so absurd, stupid and ridiculous an argument with me or about my sexually.<br />
I love to love woman and loving males in that way repulses me.<br />
I just love dressing up and all the people I know would agree with my name on not just how I look dressed up but inside as well.<br />
Just ask my ep friends if one thinks I am lying.<br />
<br />
That is so great to hear that your two get along just great.<br />
He did the right thing in just being your friend instead of replacing your father as many try to do with disastrous results.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your story to dispel the stereotypes and many urban myths that crossdresses are gay or perverted that only closed and narrow minded people have.<br />
Trust me, I have been surrounded by gays while dressed up and not one hit on me nor did I want them too. Gays don't want crossdressers, they may dress in drag for entertainment but that is as far as they go. A huge difference between drag and crossdressing. I dress to be me and not for anyone else's entertainment.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful perspective. Glad to hear they are happy together.

a whopping thanks to you for this. wow. thank you.

long as everyones happy who am i to complain~doesn't matter if i do or don't that's you'll~so um more power to him

a great story affinity. of course it doesn't matter what he wears, if he's a great person then you and your mother love him regardless of any other consideration. That's how it should be.

its great he can be himself...i'm so happy for all of you.

Awesome story. Takes people like you to teach the world.

awww, i love this story Affinity. i'm happy for your and your Mom. give that guy a hug from me for being such a sweetheart to you both... <3