From The Goddess

Hi my husband Deadpig has written stories, telling you all how big a sissy he is. I dont think h givs enough details so I going to tll you one of my favorite stories that happened a few months ago. He was cleaning the house it was a Saturday morning he had already made me breakfast and had made me ****** with his tounge while I ate. He was doing a job working hard dressed in a bright pink micro mini skirt and a shear white blouse with a black bra wearing his falsies nice C cups.  Every time he reached or bent you could see his little black thong. His legs were bare and no shos but SHE looked so cute. I went to gt dressed leaving him to his work. While getting dressed I had a dirty thought I put on my ******* a nice realistic 10" **** and a pair of boxers loose fitting jeans and a tee shirt and a sports bra a pair of sneakers. I went downstairs he was working hard to keep his skirt down. I laughed and smacked his *** reached under his skirt and rubbed his panties. "Oh is your little **** hard" then smacked his *** again. Went to my office to pay some bills. About an hour later I went looking for him he was cleaning one of the bathrooms down on his hands and knees. "Make sure its spotless" coming up behind him again rubbing his panties "Your so wet you little ****" sticking my finger covered in precum in his mouth. And off again to make him a shopping list then he found me I was sitting in the dining room and he came in to dust I watched him work gtting wetter and wetter. I finally got up came up behind him once again. He moaned as i rubbed him again. Then I undid my belt let my pants drop to the floor holding him bent over th table. Slid down my boxers still playing with his ***. Rubbed lube on my **** strocking it like I was "******* off" telling him how great his *** looked and I wanted him so bad. I told him to ask for it "Please **** me with your ****" I pulled his panties down and spread his cheeks rubbing some lube on his *** and stuck two fingers in him he moaned "yes more" . I rubbed my **** against his hole then pushed it in the head popped right in . He was just moaning now like a girl high pitched and wanting more. He started to push back I stopped him this little **** thinks she is in control. Smack against her *** " I'm ******* you not the other way around *****" I drove the full lenght into him till my balls hit his. He screamed I smacked him again then started to **** his ***. The other end rubbing against my ****.  His little **** leaking all over the table. I rode him Hard over and over pulling it almost all the way out then drove it all the way back in. I had not let him *** in about 3 weeks so he was begging for release. I started to get tired and slowed the pace and he started driving back against me I let him. Watching amazed how much he craved it . Finally I stopped him he was milked good he wanted to *** but had gone soft. I told him to gt back to work pulled up my pants and went to get cleaned up. I ****** him three more times that weekend. Thats when he told me he didn't care if he ever came again as long as I did that to him. I didn't believe him so I told him if he ever did he had to eat it. Well it took a few months but now he does just that EVERY time he ****.

                                    hope you all enjoy its all true
                                                 The Goddess
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9 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Deadpig you are one lucky girl to have a Goddess do that to you. I would love to find my own Goddess so that i could be used the same way as you have been........ heaven. Goddess you deserve to be worshipped every day.

Please Misstress **** me like the ***** I am Oh Oh Oh Yes thank you Misstress

hot hot my wife makes me her ***** all the time i love that

you are the best wife a sissy could ask for/**** him once for me

love it

Goddess, I loved your story describing part of the wonderful relationship you have with your husband. I hope he realizes and appreciates how truly fortunate he is to have such an amazing woman as yourself in his life! I only wish I had such an wonderful and fulfilling relationship with my own amazing Goddess!

Perfect I must lick all mine up when I'm done no matter where I finish. Love it you know exactly what we need. Thank you Godess.!!!! Great story tell me more please.!!!

dont have a wife like that,wish i did.

great story