Adventures In Butt Crushing

This fetish goes along with my being extremely turned on by dominate, sadistic and cruel women/girls doing things that give them sexual pleasure because of their dominate/sadistic drives. I have a big fetish for watching women crush things, especially baby dolls by sitting on them. Since I am bi one of my bfs (in high school) was kind of dominate and he caught on that I loved it and what he could get away with, in large part because he had a perfect smooth bubble butt that he knew mesmerized me. He would get my old, keep sake stuffed animals out of my closed one by one and slowly pull his pants down in front of me, showing me his gorgeous ***, and tell me he was gonna crush whatever he wanted with his powerful ***. I would just moan that he could do it all day but it was humiliating to me to lose control like this. Especially when he got out my old favorite teddy bear and really grinded on it and shoved its head way up into his deep butt cheeks and rubbed it all over... it came out with a certain odor, as you can imagine. When I smelled it and was like "why did you have to do that?!" the whole idea of being dominated in this way had turned me on so much that he caught me feeling my **** at the same time. That proved to him that he could go as far as he wanted, and he did.

On the reverse I could see myself switching roles and doing that to someone else's things as they watched, especially since I also have a smooth muscular round butt that sticks out, and many people seem to love it.
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Hmm Sir i would like to be in your power and eat the squeezed banana right out of your huge muscular sweaty *** Sir and wash it down with a drink provided by you Sir who owns me. Wish i had a pair of your sweaty briefs so i could smell your sweat in it Sir.

I wonder what effect that *** squeeze would have on a ****... Other than making it rigidly hard that is. ;) But I have heard that such a thing can have quite the effect on the balls... Like a nutcracker...

Well Sir it would sure make my **** stone hard. That and the fact that i would have to lick the sweat out of your muscular ***

Would love to see you squeeze a banana with your huge muscular *** cheeks and then force me to eat it amd after that clean your messy *** Sir

Mmm I like that idea... So much that I just went and tried it and watched in the mirror. I slid it down into my deep, tall butt crack, held it in place with my glutes slightly flexed, thrust my *** back slowly and then slammed my crotch forward and clenched as hard as I could. I may have a nice layer of soft lush padding around my thick bulbous *** muscles, butt when I flex I can make my *** as hard as a rock. I was shocked at how little resistance the bannana gave... And the top of it, near the top of my cheeks that squeezed the least, shot up like a popped champaign cork. The bannana peel dropped down completely flat, with most of the fruit apparantly squeezed out and sitting between my *** cheeks. If I had you in my power (ie if you took one look of me sticking out my *** and slapping it) that would be the only food you got to eat...

I like seeing girls sit on bugs or snails and crushing them......

With see through glass.