Since I Was A Kid...

I think my fetish goes back before puberty. I remember a teacher or possibly a daycare worker from my early childhood stepping on a spider that was creeping up to me and freaking me out. She was wearing boots and shushed me as she crushed it to calm me down. As she continued to step on it and grind it I hugged her legs and cried, maybe somewhat upset that she had killed it instead of releasing it into the wild? I'm not sure. That may have been the start but it's so far back I don't even know how old I was. I might have been around 4 or 5. I also developed an obsession with women who crush boxes and cans and anything that goes into the recycling. Inanimate crushing is probably the biggest turn-on for me now.

I kept this all to myself thinking through much of my life that it was only me that had this weird obsession with women wearing boots and crushing things, that is until 1996. That was the first time I had access to a computer in a somewhat private setting (at a government office I was working at as a summer student- no way would I use a work computer now) and out of curiosity searched for "crush" and "boots" working late one evening. I didn't even know what a fetish was until that evening but found out then and there that I had one and that I was not alone. I never was active in the "crush scene" online- just lurking in the background for images and whatever free clips I could find. Most did not fit exactly what I was looking for though. Some got close but would be missing something.

Several years ago I broke down and started to communicate with people on chat boards and buying clips on online stores. Then in 2009 I posted an ad on Craigslist for a woman who would crush things for me while I filmed them. I met up with a local woman who had experience with foot fetishism and she became the first person I had actually met who knew of my fetish. We made several videos and had a brief relationship. A little over a year ago I put those videos on Youtube to see how other people reacted to them. They received views in the hundreds so a small group of people were interested. I put out more ads and have made many, many videos with several different women and now I have almost 900 subscribers and over 200,000 total video views and counting. After all that though I still feel alone.
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I would like to see your videos please.

Just go to Youtube and search for "Crushed Beneath Her Boots" or better yet- go to this link:

that's not what i'm talking about. I will send private message

Yea but that's not real stuff and i don't care for barefoot either.

meh i havent told anyone my fetish because i believe its not normal and its ******* weird. if people knew

please get in touch with me i have the same fetish