Robert Plant

You know him?  He's the lead singer of 1970s supergroup Led Zeppelin.  He's over six foot tall, long flowing thick blonde locks and a voice that just won't quit. The voice, OMG, it sours, it wails, it moans and one needs absolutely NO imagination whatsoever when wondering what he sounds like in the sack!  It's all there in the music of this intensely passionate man.
I was really surprized to learn that most of Led Zep's fans are male!  When I, as female as it gets, watch Plant with Jimmy Page on stage and to me they are sex personified!  The music pumps, the lyrics are geared towards giving women what they really, really need, somewhere deep inside (woman, you know you need it!)  It's caveman, it speaks directly to my femininity.  I wanna know how they know what I need!  Cos they're right, I need it all right! GOD yes I need it!
Plant, in person is very softly spoken, almost a little bit posh with a mild arrogance.  He is not classically handsome, his face is distinctive, but he has the devil in his smile and a look in his eye that could floor a woman at a hundred paces.  These days he's aging and has allowed himself to do so naturally, sexily I say.  The hair is still long and blonde but a little salt and pepper now.  The face is a map of his multi-faceted well lived life.  He keeps his personal life close to his chest but is, for all intents and purposes, single.
And I want him.
I want him like you wouldn't believe!  I love that devilish glint in his eye when he's cracked a joke and I long to be on the receiving end of one of those hot looks he gives.  He is a complete woman magnet!  One of those guys about whom you wonder: How did he do that?  One minute he's just standing there, next she's swinging off his arm, giggling like a little girl and batting her eyelids like an epileptic butterfly. 
I wanna know what he's like in bed!  Does he really, truly know what I need deep down inside that no other man's ever noticed or even acknowledged?  Or is this some persona he puts on before walking onto a stage?  Or, is he really just a clueless, fumbling toss pot?
Oh, oh!  And then there are the rumours about his... Yes!  It's apparently legendary in rock n' roll circles for it's disproportionate largeness!  Well call me shallow, but hey I think it's been established that size does, in fact, matter!  Robert Plant's "Big Log" is not just a song title if rumours are anything to go by.  AND there is actual photographic proof in existence!  I've seen it!  Although admittedly it doesn't give a whole lot away other than to say; "well hmmmmm, yes... I'm cocking my head now (no pun intended)... I can see how it COULD be over nine inches!!!
But OHHHHHHH what I wouldn't give to find out for myself, for sure, live and in person!  *SIGH*
Robert Plant, you bring out the wanton woman in me!
BBWKiwimouse BBWKiwimouse
36-40, F
Jul 9, 2010