Crushcrushcrushcrush...oh How I Love You

Well i have three crushes.

1) Zeljko Joksimovic- just brilliant
2) Dino Merlin- ah-mazing
3)Tose Proeski(he died a few years ago)- wonderful
4)Zdravko Colic- you gotta love him!!

1)Matthew Gray Gubler- He is soo freaking cute!!!!
2)Jackson Rathbone- have you noticed that Matthew and Jackson look alike!?!?
3)Brent Smith- AMAZING VOCALIST! (singer of Shinedown- i recommend this band tto everyone, they are really good)
4)Kellan Lutz- Okay, i gotta admit, he is hot!

Talk to me, tell me what you think!

zipseal zipseal
Jul 27, 2010