Too Many Lol

I have too many crushes on celebrities lol. At my age, it seems I should have outgrown it, but I definitely haven't lol. Here's a list of the ones I can think of:
  1. Katee Sackhoff
  2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
  3. Anna Paquin
  4. Gillian Anderson
  5. Kristen Stewart
  6. Emma Watson
  7. Amanda Tapping
  8. Hayden Christensen
  9. Evangeline Lily
  10. Naomi Watts
  11. Juliya Chernetsky
  12. Rachel Weisz
  13. Kate Beckinsale
Lol well, some of those are huge crushes & some are just tiny ones. Some of them I have crushes on only because of their characters & some I have crushes on because of them, themselves. Two of them: Kristen Stewart & Emma Watson, make me feel like a pervert because they're so young lol, & one, Hayden Christensen, is a guy lol. He's one of the few guys I've had a crush on in my life.

I'm sure this list would be even longer if I weren't so tired & could think better lol.
lyricalongings lyricalongings
31-35, F
Jul 28, 2010