Christian Bale and Kirsten Dunst

I'm usually not one to get crushes on celebrities, but Christian Bale is just too talented and too sexy to be ignored.  I also have a thing for Kirsten Dunst.  I'm not attracted to women, but I think she's so pretty with the voice of an angel, and I love watching her in movies.  Yeah, I know her teeth are kinda weird; I like flaws.
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4 Responses Jan 8, 2008

im a guy.. I got a huge crush on kirsten dunst, im 19. remember I had one back when I was 13 on her aswell.. shes like the most beautiful woman Ive seen.. her eyes, hair, face, lips, teeth. everything about her is perfect.. its depressing to think that there is no one else out there like her :(

me to! on Kirsten Dunst though lol she has that simple prettiness. I think i really liked her once i saw the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. My main celebrity crush is on Jake Gyllenhal ;)

I first started to get into Christian Bale when I saw Equilibrian. Brilliant movie, brilliant actor.

I love Christian Bale. I have seen a lot of his films and get excited when he has a new one coming out. <br />
I first noticed him in Little Women and ever since then I have been a huge fan.