I Am Completely Star-struck

For a very long time and even throughout High school i always thought "a crush on a celebrity? thats just silly, i will never have a celebrity crush" um.....ok so whenever you say something won't ever happen, sure enough it does! by the way if you don't want to read the entire story then at least watch the video at the end, i think it sums everything up.

i have a HUGE crush on a famous singer, I'm completely starstruck ok? i have a huge crush on Adam Young from Owl City!

he is so cute! i mean he is adorable! not only that but he has the cutest most brightest smile i have ever seen. i would post a pic, but the ones i could find were too big, but i still like the one above, but he isn't smiling very much, just go to google images and type in Adam Young and you will find plenty of pics of him smiling, he has such a nice smile ^_^

not only that but he is very talented, he has an amazing voice, writes amazing lyrics, can play the Piano, guitar, and drums as well as synth. his music always cheers me up and inspires me i love it. he has many of what he calls "music projects" his main one being Owl City, which got famous from the song Fireflies, perhaps you have heard of it? his other project i like is Sky Sailing which he started long before Owl City, my favorite song from that one being "Sailboats" :) my favorite song from his project Owl City would probably be "If my heart were a house" but i love almost all of them so its hard to pick a favorite. he has insomnia so often while staying up late and not being able to sleep he writes the lyrics to his songs. i love how whimsical, uplifting and dreamy the lyrics are :) i love the way his music sounds, and i absolutely love his voice!

Also i love his personality, he could have the looks, and be a great singer but without a good personality i wouldn't like him so much. he is very shy, much like me and we also seem to think very much alike. he has a very optimistic laid back view of life, and i think even he himself once said he is a hopeless romantic :) which i also am. he isn't stuck up like a lot of celebrities, he doesn't try to be something he isn't, he is a very humble person. he seems to be such a sweet, genuine and caring person, also he is a Christian, which i also am too :)

well those are the things i admire about him :) so yeah i have a huge crush on Adam Young. i really hope to one day at least go to one of his concerts that would be so neat. i would love to meet him in person one day and perhaps get a picture with him :) now that would officially be the best day of my life if that were to happen. i was thinking though since right now i probably won't be able to actually go to one of his shows, maybe i could send a letter? i found a fanmail address, not sure it its real so i will have to check it out and see. i know that the chance of him reading my letter are one in a million, but still i can try right? i won't get depressed or upset if he doesn't read it because i know he can't read all the letters if he wanted to, there would be way to many to go through, so its ok. but still though i can't help but dream of getting a reply ^_^

by the way its not like I'm ever going to meet him but i am just wondering, would it make sense for us to be together if i had the chance? i don't really think so. he is 25 and his birthday is July 5, i am 19 and mine is coming up this December, so by December i will actually be 20. i am 5 to 6 years younger than him, this wouldn't be ok would it? i wish i hadn't been born 5 years too late :( to me that would be a big age gap, but is it really a big age gap?

well now that i got through ranting about my favorite singer, i think i want to share a video. this song by Taylor Swift really does fit how i feel, its called "Superstar" and its a video tribute to Adam Young :)
Kudos to you who read the entire story :) thank you very much! i appreciate it.
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yeah they do. thank you for the comment :) by the way Owl City isn't really a band, its really one one person which is Adam Young, but then again it is sort of a band while he's on tour so im not sure. he's fairly new, i think he only started back in 2007 and his famous single Fireflies came out in 2009 but im not entirely sure.