Mentally Dating Them

Yeah, this is probably just some kind of teenager phase I'm going through.
I've never had any celeb crushes when I was younger. I remember all my classmates had posters of celebrities pasted on their walls everywhere while I was still in the "pink walls and horses" phase. Just recently however, I've been taking a liking to a few celebrities/more famous people. They are never the kind of guys most girls like though (i.e. One Direction, Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, etc.). Nope, some of my obsessions (I call them that since they aren't exactly crushes) most people have probably never heard of.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he's old but so what), Alex Day/Nerimon, Nathan Adrian, Luke Sundquist, Jimmy Wong, and Nick Stacy from The Strive. Yeah, long list but well, I have a lot of obsessions. Currently, I am really crazy for Nick Stacy. He's the drummer in the unsigned band, The Strive. Great band by the way, you should definitely check them out. He's absolutely amazing at drumming and really talented in music. When he's drumming, he's really passionate about it. Not to mention, he's really cute. :) Sadly, he has a girlfriend but that's okay. Not like I'll ever actually meet and get to know him.
Nightless Nightless
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012