I Never Was One For Johnny Depp...

...though every woman that I know is in love with him, I never found him attractive.

Here is my list though.


Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, all from Green Day

Alex Varkatzas and Brandon Saller from Atreyu

Nick Tweed-Simmons (son of Gene Simmons from KISS)

Nathan Leone from Madina Lake

Bam Margera

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural

Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus (first fell in love with them in the movie The Boondock Saints)

Noah Wyle and Goran Visnjic from ER

Denis Leary from Rescue Me

Denny Hamlin- NASCAR

Leonardo DeCaprio-first fell in love with him in Titanic.


...and I think that's about it! =)




WraithformsLovelyAngel WraithformsLovelyAngel
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I love Johnny Depp! You're right about Jensen and Jared though, they are gorgeous.

Goodness, considering that I know just a couple of those names, I'm not nearly as hip as I think I am! Ouch.