Russell Brand

I feel positively in love with Russell Brand.

The nature of his work is this sort of tell-all comedy; watching him, I feel like I'm really getting to know him: his thoughts, his desires, his fears, what ticks him off— and I love all of it!  Now, obviously, I'm probably not getting to know to quite the degree I think I am... he is performing after all... but I think he is very truthful, though it is a performance.

He's also gorgeous.  His eyes are so bright and sparking, like molten amber.

He talks a lot about sex: his preferences, etc.  But then, he also talks about looking for serious transcendental love: "I'm looking for salvation; my own personal Jesus."  Someone "just to be there" for all the craziness.  I want to do that for him.  So much.

Ugh, it's truly pathetic...

Freckledsea Freckledsea
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

if he would just lose that bird's nest on top of his head...