Just Didnt Understand ...

I had a huge crush on one of the guy i work with. we both are in tech company and are in good position. he is a very thin, shy, weird, quiet guy.... i used to notice him staring at me all the time, but was not sure if why is he doing that..eventually we started working together and i fell for him. I started talking to him and it was good... i eventually started over doing it because i used to long for him..then he started being responsive with smiles, looks, stares everything with eyes and not communicating at all... he would **** me off ..and when i start avoiding him, he would make it up .. all cute things.. then, i asked him if he wanted to go lunch and he said "may be , we will see" after a "wow!" expression. So, he used to come to talk to me etc and everything was going great and i again mentioned lunch and the response was same.. so i backed off.. we had some issues and then we both were avoiding each other but came close again.. this staring, fights, make up..liking everything went for a looong time. Almost from July last yr to march this yr.His friends started teasing us and everything was so cute! This yr he is still in same company but in diff campus. we knew it was coming, but i had 0 control on it. I cried, was depressed and worse state for a week.. i again tried talking to him personally, and he didnt show any positive response. Then i backed off and he tried following me and just walk with me. I stopped telling him anything and everything ..and i kinda moved on..but a part of my heart is still with him..the cute stuff that happened between us. i treasure everything. I dont know ..what he really wanted/wants ..
anjaliaquaworld anjaliaquaworld
26-30, F
May 10, 2012