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Well, um, there's this guy in my class..We've known each other for about five years now and we're really good friends. I don't know why, but lately I think an attraction for him has started to grow..Now, I have liked him before, it was a few years ago and he found out. He did NOT like me then and it was pretty humiliating, it took awhile before things weren't awkward. I know for those of you who have read my other stories and know I broke up with my boyfriend recently, think that this may be me just craving a guy's attention. Well, the thing is, I think the curiosity started before my boyfriend dumped me. Part of me is still hesitant 'cause it may just be me wanting me to be like my friends, but like I said before, the curiosity started before then. I'm also hesitant 'cause one, I don't wanna get my heartbroken again, and two, I don't want it to be awkward again...I really need advice..

Yes, some advice may be, just go and try it, but I'm just too nervous. He has been flirting with me a lot lately, but he also kinda flirts with my friend who's already taken. So, I can't tell if he likes me and is trying to hide it, or actually is just flirting to, well, flirt. Yeah, I just need some help. ._.
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Do you notice him flirting with you more than your friend? As a guy, I would act nicer toward a girl I have a crush on than a girl I'm just friends with, regardless of any other factors.

Oh, totally. He'll do stuff like put his arm around me, hold my hand jokingly, play with my hair, joke around with me a ton. The thing is though, he kind of flirts with other girls too. Not as much as me, but still. I can't tell what he means by this. ._.

Blehhh, not really an answer to your question sorry, lol. I'm like half asleep here. Yeah, he does flirt with me more than my friends but I still can't tell.

That's okay. And I would think he likes you if he's flirting with you more than other girls. Being a guy that has liked girls before, that is.

Why would he flirt with other girls though, along with me. To cover it up or something?

It's possible. I don't know him though, so I can't say for sure.

Yeah, true. Anyway, thanks for your help!

No problem. Glad I helped some.

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