Im A Lesbian Idk How To Tell This Girl I Like Her ???

I like this girl in my class from day ONE ive had my eye on her ; ive told people about her . Shes beautiful her attitude is just how i like it ; she smiles at me when we see each other around . i added her on FB but idk how to tell her. because i dont want her to go to her roommate in her dorm and be like what the **** ?? like i dont even know if she likes girls . WHAT DO I DO ???
shelbfame shelbfame
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2012

We're human beings, and absolutely fall in love.... You like her? just tell her though what the **** will go then, Dont care... Everyone in school may know you love girls? It's OK ... That's who you are, We dont hide it anymore ...<br />
we have the same story... And I'm gonna tell her I like her

yeah ; i was just scared to scare her away you no .

just be what you ae and tell her you like her and if given chance to love her in everyway thats it.....

Try to talk to her about the class...see if she can help u get something through your " thick head" lol get to know her some that way

yeahh im going to thanks (: hopefully she likes girls !!