I Have A Crush On More Than One Girl

By the way i am 11 and in the sixth grade so yea alot of my frends have girlfrends.

Ther is this girl name Marieona, she sits behind me in 2nd hour. every one is saying that i have a crush on her but i tell them no but relly do. I don't know why i do i just like her but she puts on the out side that she dose not, p.s i am a nerd so that has a big infulences in it.

Next is Lany Goode she is literly a nut. She LOVES CHEESE from a scale from one to ten i giver her a 9. i gess she just like the other girl and i have a crush on two of her frends that i will tell about later in the story.

Next is Kiar Sooct she is the most quit girl in school actly in the whole middle school. we go to the same middle school same church and we live at lest 3 miles away frome each other. I don't know if she likes me back becuse me and this other girl are her only frends.

Next is Jada hairs she play for the Monroney middle school girls baskitball teme. she is like 6 feet tall and she is in band she plays the flute. She likes an 8th grade boy wich i have all redy maide a big embersament i font of him p.s he is a jock but he did not hurt me.

Next is Jordan austion she hatis me out side but i thank she likes me inside. she is like 13 years old in the sixth grade yes she had to repet a grade. If you go on Youtobe ther is this Duck song thang that she likes but to me it sounds like crap to me you Know he wolbel into the sand like what the hell dose that sound like. A nut song.

Next is Renae Willimas she is the gosaper in middle school. she was the one that started the roomer that i like marieona. She dated a boy name Claven Wrght wich to me he woud be a crappy boyfrend if he wrote on me propoty of calven. Am not getting into the detals about her and her gay frend Dockota you will see me tallk about him on my blog alot.

Last is Laurion Thomas she was my first curch in 3rd grade. She is a purcutions well she is a crappy precusnost,paino player. She is one that any boy woud fall in love with. Right now we are not relly concerted frends rightnow.

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Jan 21, 2013