Well 2

One. Alredy knows it XD. He's so sweet and kind. He always has a way to make me smile. He's the only one who has ever seen my face on EP :) . He's almost my age and is cool

Two. Well, if he can guess I'll tell him ;) . He's sensitive, nice, and has awesome hair XD. He wears the same style as me, and is cool :) although he's... Not a lot, but older than me. if you can guess, I'll say.

Well 1 already knows him, and 2, if your reading this, you most likely know who you are :)
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

is it me? i wish it is :3

Me? =O

Quite possibly

^_^ awwwww

kk aww i was sure lo oh well im only roght 50% of thw time

Me lol hahah

Sort but no :P