See what you did, World's Dumbest?!

Not a completely straight example, but counts 'cuz he's a celebrity.

Well, here goes. I'm quite embarrassed about it. >//////<

I have a thing for Leif Garrett. This guy just strikes me as really sexy for some reason (mind you, he was GORGEOUS back when he was a teenager). The hilarious thing is that I found out about him by watching TruTV's World's Dumbest. Hell, he's the main reason why I now watch the show on a daily basis. Even though he's aged quite a bit since the series started, I still find him irresistably cute.

So, uh, yeah. Mild obsession with a 50-year-old former child star. Oh well. ^^;
ShizukaFlame ShizukaFlame
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I know EXACTLY what you mean. This summer my friend found an old Leif Garrett record at the thrift store...and we listened to it. And well...after that I kinda went all lovey for Leif. <br />
Keep in mind, before I was exposed to Leif, I had this mega crush on Tom Hiddleston. (I'm an18 yearold female comicbook nerd who <3's the baddies. Okay? lol) And now I'm like totally in love with Leif.<br />
Yes, I watched World's Dumbest before... but I don't think I wathched it for it's celebrity commentators. (Okay, maybe Danny Bonaduce...cause for some reason he's like my fave celeb), but now I watch it religiously just so I can see Leif.

High five! XD