Understand Your Best Friend

I'd love to work with Cesar Milan. He's unfolded so much about the dog psyche but what's more, he understands the family aroung a dog, and searches to reach energy levels which are harmonious. I'd like to be like him.
Daddyslolita Daddyslolita
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:D my dog was awesome, but not as snappy and sharp listening. So I got my boyfriend to do the noncuddly dominant thing with the dog that caesar says is necessary for dominance (along with some other tips) and within a few days he is responding much sharper and is more calm overall.

I'm convinced Milan is onto something. He's helped my understanding of all the dogs I come across!

Well in a subtle way I think you are like him.
You have a wide variety of knowledge and appeal to a number of groups.
More than a few us us love to listen/read your writings.
We end up inspired to be and behave better.
You are a friend whisperer.

Yours is an undeserved compliment, however thank you Interesti :D

Then just be like him. =)

Cesar is cool, so I get what you're saying. But opportunities to work with animals and to polish your manner/ability with them are ABUNDANT. Not for pay right off the bat, but the training(yours) needn't cost you anything either. Be yourself and be in control. Works with most critters - not only dogs. Good luck.