"I Have a Crush On Kieffer Sutherland"

I love everything about him his manliness, sexy voice and good looks! Not to mention I think he is a very good actor! I have seen many of his movies among my favorites are Lost Boys and Flatliners. He can really play a terrific bad guy too! Which to me proves his acting ability since he can play various types of characters! He was a real psyco in An Eye for an Eye! I saw an interview once with one of the co stars in that movie she played the pretty Latino woman that he raped. She said that he really got into the role and even though they were acting she became really scared! He plays a great cop too! His father is also a wonderful actor in my opinion.
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I love his dad. SEXY!!!

I, too, have a crush on him, though i could get into his Dad, too. But alas! He's going to jail--48 days--for his most recent drinking/driving event. Maybe it'll be a Nicole Ritchie kind of jail term, 30 minutes or something.

I love Kiefer, he is the nicest person you could ever meet, and he is so nice to his fans and he is the most georgus guy you could ever see, and I really mean that because when you see him in person you would just die, he has the bluest eyes, and the thinnest body he is in great shape and his voice well put it this way if you were a block of ice you would of melted right at his feet because when I met with him all almost fainted and especially when I took my picture with him and when he put his arm around my waist and then with him commenting on my perfume I almost passed out and I mean that because I was so nervous when I had met with Kiefer, and then I had gone to take my friends picture with Kiefer I actually couldn't even take my friend Jason's picture with Kiefer because I was shaking so bad from my nerves from meeting with Kiefer, he is the nicest guy you can meet,, and he is so nice to his fans to take the time and sign autographs, and take pictures with his fans, that is so nice of him, and Kiefer he is not like some of these stuck up actors, where they turn their fans down, Kiefer he is so down to earth and a real a true gentlemen, I can't wait until I meet with him again. I am so lucky that I met with my Idol I love him so.

I don't really have a crush on him, but I do love his voice. :)