The Cave

You wrote me a lovely story about the cave, thought I'd think on that some.......

The night was cold and frozen, an uneasy feeling hung in the still air. In the trolls lair the fire light flickered, and the girl watched the shadows dance against the wall. She felt the warmth caressing her naked skin. She loved being bare, the troll preferred her that way. Easy access to what he liked best.

She snuggled down into the skins he'd prepared as their bed. Her fingers ideally tracing his lips and eye lashes as he slept soundly, head in her lap. She looked down, as he slept a deep and sound sleep, and she wondered where his dreams were leading him now.  On some chase or other? Running with the wolves. Her hands moved to the markings on his skin. Who was he, this strange creature? Torn by demons, conquered by light. He was her troll.

She loved watching him sleep; the flame's puppet show meant nothing to her. He was the reality, or maybe not, maybe he was the echo of her dreams. She desired nothing more than to hold him, to smell him. It would not be long now before he woke; and he would find his girl waiting and wanting......

Troll's take what they want, and this one always wanted his wicked naked girl. He liked to pound her **** as he grasped her hair, controlling her. He liked to feel her legs twist round his back as her nails dug into his flesh. He loved to hear her screams and moans. He delighted in both hearing her beg and hearing her ***. And she liked? To have troll *** sliding down her leg. That's what she liked......dirty silly girl.

She just had to wait till he woke and took what was his.

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I love rock sweetie

thats what my troll get for his breakfast.... rock porridge.... did i mention the girls cooking skills?

you have noted her lack there of..

we can live off take aways..... its all good