I Would Marry Him

So, me and my little sister went over to her friends house. We got there & got on her trampoline. After jumping for a while, we sat on the trampoline and talked. The friend looked at me and said "would you marry a geek who wears glasses, and is chunky?" I looked at her and replied "yea, whats wrong with that?" She just looked at me and said "You'd marry someone like that?" I replied "Yea, I don't go for someone just based on their looks. You have to get to know the real them, not just what you see from a view," as this whole conversation was going on there was one person who was on my mind, and it was my Best Guy Friend. The friend, after me saying that, just kinda changed topics. After saying that I was thinking, "I wish he were here to hear that!"
VioolntKat15 VioolntKat15
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013