There is this girl I really like. She's my best friend. I told her I like her, but she said she just saw me as a friend. I think it was okay so I lived on. While I was on vacation a few weeks later, I thought; I should get over her, I don't want to be let down again. So I met an English girl (I'm dutch) on vacation and I really liked her. She's beautiful and so nice and cute. We kissed and I got her number. When I returned home I told my best friend about the girl. But then she told me she had a crush on me to because of all the nice things I said to her... I lost her as a best friend, and I realize I still love her, but I won't ever get close to her again... So I try to forget her by thinking of the other girl from vacation, but then I realize I'll never see her again... I need to forget them both I guess
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18-21, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Is it possible that your friend only expressed her feelings because you told her about this other girl? If she was serious then Im not sure why she would become do distant. It's not fair for her not not want you when your single and want you when you see someone else.

Relationships can break friendships but it sounds to me like she's not a true friend, I'm sorry if I'm wrong. You can and should move on and if things change and you do become friends again I would be a little wary of her intentions, as they are not at all clear.

Good luck :)

Thank you for the advice :)