Can I Ask You Guy Samething?

because i know that you well understand what i am cameing from, my mind is in two place right now and i dont know what to do or have no one to talk to about this please tell me what i should do, i have very storng feeling for my boss it's goting to the point where he is even in my dream and i feel that there is samething going own be tween us, or maybe its just thanking that i do find him looking at me from time to time, and the other day when was talking to me he seam to be very nervous, and his hands was sakeing, so not sure on what i should do does he like or not i dont know,  i know one thing is that he does no that i do like him because i have told him, that i do, but its getting to the point to where should i just let it go and move on or should i stay and see what happing's if anyting happing at all, i am at the point to where i feel maybe its best to look for a nother job i have been thing of looking for a nother job anyway's or should i just stay there wishing and hopeing that samething well happing?
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see that is the thing i am not really sure after i was worryed about being in truble with him for me saying that so i asked him as long as your not mad at me dont know why i said that lol, but he said he wasnt and said that is allway nice when sameone said that to him, but know ever time i look up he is looking at me and when we pass each other he well look right into my eyes and smile at me its allway me looking away frist, i told him i found him on facebook the other day and he seam happy about it,

Did he tell you that he liked you in that way? :O

he said all thought he liked me as well because we work togather he didnt thank it would be a very good idell to betogather, he thought it was nice that i liked him pretty much that was it really

What did your boss say when you told him you had a crush on him?

i sm sure none of this make any since and i am sorry if it doesnt at all and i am sure that the spelling and grammer is not all that good ither sorry about that, i thank most of it is just me thank out loud, i guess i just am hopeing for same one to give me same kind of answer, even if is to say lady your crazy becasue most day i feel like i am lol, but anyway thank you for anyone that does answer, i guess i am just looking for same kind of hope to hang on to,