I Am So Naughty

I don really want to have a crush on my boss who's only a few years older than me. But he has power and a little older thn me and that turns me on. I am a pretty sexual woman. I was molested as a child by three different men in my family. (******) so its a natural habit for me to dress sexual. And I'm very good at seducing men. But this time I just want to hav a professional relationship with a man. I don't want to hav sex w him no matter how horny I am. Or how naughty my daydreams are. In the end I just want them to stay daydreams. I talked to my therapist and she said dress less sexually. So I'm trying to b very conseverative with sexy clothes. I can't wait to go shopping in two weeks!!! I need at least a few knee skirts and office dresses. <3 my boss already made moves on me and I dislike it. I can tell he's checking me out every sec he gets and tries to find a random reason to talk to me. It's flattering I do this to men but I'm lesbian. Please boys leave me alone. I will see my boss next week n this time il use my body language to reject him. It's the only way to keep things professional n not get things to go wierd. In fact I want to work as a receptionist for at least year before college. <3
Iwant2liv Iwant2liv
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012