He Won't Let Me Quit!

I'm madly in love with my boss. I told him and he was suprised and flattered. He is married, no kids. We are 13 years apart. He lives only one mile from me. He bought all the women a single red rose the first year he was with us. He likes to tease and make me laugh. He asks for my opinon and tells me I'm his best worker. He tells eveyone that Im his favorite. He listens when I have a problem or need advice. He is always kind and worries about me if I have to drive home in bad weather. I text him every night after work to let him know how it went and if it was slow or busy. We exchange warm smiles and he touches my shoulder gently to let me know he is leaving work for the night or what a good job I did. He knows if something is wrong and asks me about it. That is the kind of husband I would like to have, but to my horror, he is married to a very needy and dependent woman. I feel very sad because the love I need so badly from him is not the love he gives. Friend love I'm sure. I told him I am suffering to the point of quitting. I sometimes wish I can leave and never see him again. He said "No quitting, your my best worker. "We will talk". What can he possibly say that would make me feel better? So far he wont talk to me like he said he would. I remind him and he wont do it. I know its because no matter what he says it wont help. I have just broke off my 8 year relationship to my boyfriend. He only had a couple jobs in that time and its only been me keeping this going. I feel like his mother not significant other. For the past half year all he does all day is play games on his pc. When I talk to him his back is all I see. Half the time he doesent listen eventhough he says he does.  Im sick of it. Maybe this will help him grow up. No wonder I fell in love with my boss, at least he looks at me when he talks. He gives me more attention and affection than my ex does. My ex never buys flowers, holds my hand or hugs me unless I ask.

I have accepted my boss as a good friend. He looks out for me and I know he really cares. What more could I ask for.
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2013

If ur boss wasn't married I'd say go for it, but sadly he is. Be friends with him, and don't quit, but find someone new to love. If my crush was married, I'd leave it alone too (I am crushing on my lovely teacher)

Time for you to move on from the ex. But just don't sit around and wait for your boss. Draw a line in the sand and see what happens.