Hope He Doesn't Read

 It is so uncanny! I got this job in the middle of Nov. and I remember thinking at the interview that he sure is cute. He told me he had never had such a long interview with anyone, and that no one had said what I did. Even at the interview we both noticed things we have in common. 

  Since then it is almost a daily occurance where we notice similarities between the two of us. He always says me too when he agrees with something. I said in front of others at work and him, that every man shd be like Chad, he cooks, cans and even quilts for God's sakes!!! NO HE"S NOT GAY. Well, I adore him, just wish he wasn't my boss.

    Any suggestions? What do you guys/gals do? I'll have to read your stories


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Wow. I have had an experience similar to yours. You can't get involved with him. Be a good friend instead. It gets complicated in the work situation. I think you will have better oppurtunites dating other guys outside of work.

I have a crush on my boss from the very first time he interviewed me in his office. He stood up to shake my hand and looked as if he had stopped breathing for a second to gain his composure. He takes care of me at work and always expands my responsibilites and tell me that he trust my decisions. <br />
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But It is only a crush not something I would act on.

i know just want you mean i am going throw the samething with my boss, it can be hard sametimes but it does make the time at work at lot better lol, i love it when he ask me to stay later at work, he well came to before anyone eils witch i find it really cool, good luck hun i thank we are both going to need it lol

LOL. Gotta say I agree with singer1960: Find another job and date this guy!<br />
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I can not say that I have experienced this before but I've had crushes on colleagues before, some later developed into involvements and I think I should say that if you could avoid it, please DO!<br />
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He seems like a nice guy though, I hope things work out for the two of you.

Ya.....Find another job...Real fast...So you and him can date.....For there is an old country saying....You should never fish soff of the company peer...<br />
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And if you do not understand it...It means...You do not date someone that you work with.....Especially your Boss...Makes thing bad at work...If not with the one that you date..... Then at least with the ones that you work with