A brief background explanation: I'm a college intern working over the summer at a medical facility, and I have a boyfriend of two years. These details will obviously explain why my crush on my boss seems short-lived and pointless. (But I can't help how I feel).

He's in his 30s and he's professional and intelligent. He's divorced and somewhat wealthy, and he has amazing stories about his past experiences and travels. At the beginning of the summer, I don't think I ever thought of him as anything more than a boss. But after we spent evenings together working and talking, I felt like we both had a connection. A kind of connection that we are both ashamed to admit because it's unprofessional and sort of embarrassing.. I mean, he's high of status and there's an age gap. We have had a number of short, flirtatious texts. He has bought me things, (nothing huge). We joke about sexual things all the time. And he knows that I am secretive and I know that he has secrets too. Oh, and he followed me on a social media site. I feel like all these signs naturally mean that he feels this attraction, too, especially because he doesn't act like this towards anyone else. And yes I think for me it's primarily physical. I have a boyfriend, and that's a huge reason why I'm ashamed to be so physically attracted to my boss. I seriously can't help it though. And this awful part of me just wants to text my boss and tell him how I feel. I expect nothing more out of him other than him rejecting me or agreeing. And, well, if he agreed, I can't say I wouldn't want to possibly meet up.. I've always had a thing for older guys, and being in college exposed me to all of the risks that other girls take. I want to take this risk! But should I? I'm afraid of the consequences but this opportunity is something that I crave.
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He is single. Is it a paid internship or a volunteer one. He is lucky boss having a lovely woman like your self flirt with him. Just keep things slow and see what happens. Having a young woman chase after him. Makes him feel young and alive. After his divorce. Would he be a better future hubby then your current boyfriend?

This is a paid internship! Unfortunately I can't keep things slow anymore because the summer is ending and I only have a few more days with him. I think I'm just going to tell him how I feel, and well, if he doesn't reciprocate my feelings then at least I'll know he's just been toying with me all summer

Then you have a short window to see what happens. But maybe he ask you to stay on after the summer. If you where a hard worker. What boss wouldn't want to keep you on. have you looked around to see if he is playing with any of the other females staffers

We only live once. Don't be complacent in life so early on. I know I have too many would of, could of, should of.

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