I feel like I've lost myself in my thoughts. No matter who I talk to, it's always the same answer...get over it! I'm stubborn, that's no question. But, getting over it...has not happened.

I started a new position in a new store. I was excited and thrilled! After a few weeks the store calmed down and I started to really get to know all my co-workers and who I was working with. One of my managers kept catching my eye. At first, I was like, this man is cute!

After a couple weeks, my feelings kept getting deeper. I kept catching myself looking for him in the store, starring at him, his hands, his body, hoping to catch his smile!

I kept feeling some kind of connection between us. I didn't think of anything at first. I just thought I'm a girl with a silly crush on this man, which by the way is married and is 17 years older than myself.

I look forward to the days I work with him, I play out the night in my head. Things I'll ask him, things he'll ask me. How I can spend time next to him.

On my days off I would shop in my store, and he'll always tease me being there. Then after awhile I would stay longer to talk to him. One time I was there for over an hour talking to him and he was telling me about how he used to be in a band and had long hair. I told him I wanted to see a photo! And the very next day...he had photos.

Every time I'm in work, he seems to always find his way near me to talk to me..about work or anything else. When I come in, he always smiles and says hello. I catch him starring at me from afar. I've notice that he checks me out. Stares at my thighs or if he is in the office behind me..I know it's my *** (it's kind of out there.)

When we talk we make eye contact, I know my pupils dilate cause I'm so into what he is saying. He'll stare at me but sometimes he'll look off for a second. I've noticed I make him nervous. During one conversation he kept playing with a small bag and tying knots over and over. And when other managers leave, he seems to find his way closer to me.

He always seems happier when we talk. He seems excited when we talk. I know we flirt. Innocent flirting (teasing.) He always tells me his schedule and even if he'll be working at another store. I swear I hear his schedule three to four times a week.

I kept telling him I wanted to hear his music. When he played years ago but, all of it I on cassette tapes. One night he started a conversation about music and I mentioned it again I still wanted to hear it, and he had happened to record a little on his phone and played it for me.

Okay...so my situation at home. I was engaged. Was when I started this crush. I've had crushes on people before when I was with my fiancé. Eventually, they would pass. When I developed this one, I figured it'll go away. Then I realized I wasn't happy in my current relationship. I felt taken advantage of. So, I broke it off. We still live together. And seeing where things go. But, I feel like I'm already gone. I told myself you have this crush cause of problems going on at home.

But then I really think. I'm generally a happy person as it is. And when I broke it off with my fiancé it was more of a relief then a heartbreak. Though, it was hard and is hard to end our relationship. I feel happy! I'm always in a good mood lately. I sleep better, I've been eating better, hell I've even lost a healthy amount of weight! I even take care of myself better like I used to before.

Everyone I talked to tells me get over it. You're going to get hurt...someone's going to get hurt.

I know everyone thinks I just want to sleep with this man and that I'll have a hot steamy love affair with him...but it's not how I see not picture it. I haven't even laid with a man that I wasn't in a relationship with and have no desire to start now. I have high standards for myself. I feel like I'm a very confident woman. I walk tall with my head held high. I smile all the time. I work hard and live my passions.

Am I overthinking? Am I just wanting this man to want me that I created so much inside my head?

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone ever fall for someone at work and acted upon your feelings?
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Some people have spouse at work and spouse at home. If he is flirting with you. Then you flirt back. Ware down his walls. Make his eyes pop out of his head when he is around you.

You are slowly falling in love with a man that you can not have. You are a smart woman. You tell me what will happen!
Look for a new job or soon you will be fired. This is a classic love story.