This is insane. Seriously. We're the same age and I don't know his relationship status, but he knows mine. Single as single gets. I was dating a MM and I was an OW but it got too risky. We're still friends. But besides that recently I've had some personal issues to include my ex husband attempting suicide and a fighting vengeance with my PTSD. My boss was there for 100% of it when it came to work related things. He was helping me cover my shifts and sending me home early. I've been a hard working devout employee for 2 years so he says it's time that I take a few days off to relax. But he winks at me, he smiles at me, we joke around at work and I love working with him. Anyway between all of this I had an edible arrangement made for the management team for helping me recently and took it today during their manager meeting, turns out the meeting was canceled and he was the only one there. We talked about the progress I've made emotionally I told him I was ready for work so he told me to come back tonight to a arrange a schedule this week. We talked about my ex and he just said he doesn't deserve me and anyone who treats me any less doesn't deserve me. I'm highly considering transferring stores.
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The flirt back with him and see what happens. Sounds like he is into you.

I do, a lot. I'm just debating just telling him or just bottling it all up lol.

Tell him slowly. Get him to where he makes the first move. tell him he is right your hubby doesn't deserve you. "then ask him' What a guy like him would do for you.