I am still in high school, so I know that in the long run this doesn't really matter. But I just recently started dating my boyfriend, James, before I really got the chance to get to know him. It all happened really fast; he kissed me one night then after that he just kind of assumed that we were together and that was that. Not long after that, I met his best friend, Jonas, and I was immediately drawn to him. I haven't really acted on anything yet, but I am getting more and more tempted too. James is not at all the kind of person I thought he was, and even if it weren't for Jonas I don' t think that I would want to remain with him..he is very clingy and needy. He wont do anything unless I go with him, it's almost like he is either incapable of doing anything on his own, or he doesn't want to leave me unsupervised with other people. He is constantly kissing me in front of people, which I hate, and it's just akward. Last night at a Halo party, James was being particularly clingy and wouldn't leave me alone for one second and Jonas asked me if I ever got annoyed by him. He offered to distract him while I made a run for it to hide outside somewhere. He joined me a little while later and we sat outside and he played guitar for me and we just talked. It was so nice just to sit with him.. eventually though, James found us and attatched himself to my hip again for the rest of the evening. Me and Jonas didn't really talk again for the rest of the evening, but we had several meaningful glances and casual physical contact (i.e. passing by eachother and our shoulders brushed).
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You are young - innocense & youth are beautiful combination the world is yours! I understand your frustration with James , but you will have to be honest with him and if you can remain friends. He sounds like he is emotionally insecure , do not blame him alone upbringing , environment plays major role.<br />
Sounds like he did not get that unconditional love, anxiety separation issues could be anything .<br />
<br />
Just try to be kind to him and let him down gently, but I hope you get the partner in your life that will compliment you (no is perfect remember and look back and thing James was just a young boy emotionally not matured yet!<br />
<br />
Good Luck ...