My Crush's Best Friend Proposes Me..and All That Follows!

I generally do not have crush easily on any random guy.period.Not at least until i know the guy very well.So myself and this guy got to know each other because of a common club we both belong to in college.He was like everything I had been looking for ! I am active in various sorts of clubs in college (and can easily be categorized as one of the most KNOWN and ADMIRED faces;-) ). He too is a bit KNOWN(but not at all ADMIRED,not many people like him, seemingly due to is pride or attitude) is quite active in several stuffs. And i have always felt that a girl and a boy can form a great couple if they both are of THIS type as they'll know how to respect each others engagement,tasks and will have lots of things to talk about.
In fact this boy had started talking to me very suddenly , and for very long time i had noticed that his friends used to tell him something when i was around and they all used to turn back and smile and look at me(in fact that's how i got to NOTICE that he existed on earth!!!).We chatted a lot during vacation and i somehow felt there WAS a spark between used to go on well...our chat used develop into very interesting one.
College opens....and after a very turmoil-like phase of dilemma i finally proposed him but his answer was a weird "i do not have that thing for girls and stuffs in me right now..i won't have that feel unless i graduate and go or a broader world..and yeah i would suggest you to do the same my dear" type !! Fine..i digested .
But soon after his friends started staring MORE at me..and even more weird...they started teasing him more conspicuously...and i could catch him staring and glancing at me for longer time...trying to make eye contacts.Then one fine evening, with a firm determination to put a full-stop i called him and asked him to tell his friends stop doing it so that I CAN FORGET HIM SUCCESSFULLY.
He did..but one particular friend of his did not stop staring at me. He still stared, added me on facebook, chatted with me for long.....proposed me !!!!
Now here i have this new guy: active in NOT a single club, not even half handsome as my crush, but much more admired by people than my crush, and had much more friends( almost the whole campus is his friend, a thing VERY common with me ;-)..while there are very few close friends of my crush, not many people like him)
At a point i felt THIS similarity was more required than the similarity between me and my crush. And we both started going out and eventually became a couple.:-)
However recently my crush has started behaving very very weird with my boyfriend ! like..not doing him small favor, not talking properly with him, he has also started staring at me again but with a different,cold look this time.Two days back we had an event of the club we both were in and he was dying to talk to me and sat beside me or dinner..but his ego/prestige just stayed in between and he could never break the barrier and talk to me !!!
Why is he doing this? Is it just in my head or is my crush really not happy that I'm with his close friend? is it just a normal male ego-clash that arises when a guy finds the girl whom he had expected to fall behind him for infinite time has actually found some one who loves her back??
and as for my guilty conscience i would admit: i AM still dreaming of my crush (and not my boyfriend) almost every alternate night.I love my boyfriend...though he is no match for me when it comes to engagement in college activities or good looks or anything superficial, he definitely shares a lot of similarity with me when it comes to thinking, mentality and most importantly he is cool headed, calms me down whenever i'm angry and is ready to do anything for me and even looks for a further future(i.e, he has popped up the topic of getting married to me though i still think about higher studies and don't even imagine getting married in coming 5 years).I had almost flushed my crush out o my head but ever since he started his queer behavior towards me i have resumed thinking about him.
What should i do?? can i come over this phase? or is there something still awaiting all of us? is there something that can happen between me nand my crush...does he really want something from me?? help !!!
vibgyor vibgyor
Apr 17, 2011