He The Teacher And I, The Teacher's Pet.

The spark between us was prominent, I could tell; He was my English teacher for the second year now and he still had those wandering eyes. Wandering eyes that I always blushingly caught looking in my direction. His name is Juan Torres. His name informal name wasn't much of arousal to me, but his formal name "Mr. Torres" was. No one else caught my attention, and mind you, there were many more attractive than he. Something about him was impulsive. Something about him was attractive to me. Was it his clean cut stubble? His sharp, powerful, intelligent mind. Maybe I was just biased because English happened to be my favorite subject, but maybe it only happened to be my favorite subject because of him... I knew he was into me. I'm blushing knowing that he probably felt the same about me. He treated me special. Always touched me, accidentally when passing by, he even got jealous when I announced I was engaged a year after high school. He's mailed me once, but we were both mature and professional. He still gives me chills.
LoveOverHatred LoveOverHatred
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012