Friend's Cousin

So, about three years ago, I went to my friend's house during summer vacation, and his cousin was in town from Florida. We hung out, got to know each other, and there was a definite spark, but my friend was there the whole time, but nothing could really come of it. We never mentioned it, and when he brought it up, we denied ever having those thoughts. 

Flash forward to this past summer. She talks to me on myspace and says she's in town again, and that she wants to hang out. We try and arrange something, but my friend basically tries to make sure that doesn't happen (he didn't even tell me she was in town, I had to act like I was just finding out when I went to pick him up one day and saw her). So I haven't really seen her for more than five seconds in a couple years.

So then once she goes home again, we're talking online, and I end up actually confessing to her that I've been holding this crush on her, and I'm all embarrassed because I have no clue what she's gonna say. Of course I'm pretty happy when she says she likes me too, but at this point we're both in relationships with other people, so that kinda sucks. 

Anyway, this summer, she'll be coming back up to New York to stay at my friend's house, and my friend and I are graduating, meaning she'll probably be at both our parties. Now, assuming that my current relationship is over at that point, and also assuming that she's the kind of girl who takes an out of sight, out of mind approach with her boyfriend, what's the best way to make a move on her without my friend finding out?

P.S. Wow, I'm a bad person

axane axane
18-21, M
Feb 19, 2010