My Secret Crush

My neighbor is this cute teen boy that stands about 5'10 & has blond hair. He has blue eyes with smooth silky white skin. I have a crush on him but there are four things keeping me from making a move. The first thing is that I have met someone here on EP & have got to really know & like that person. We talk all the time & have even had the same thought at the same time.

The second thing is that he is only 17 years old so he is quite not the legal age. The third thing is I do not know if he is gay or not. & the fourth thing is I am not openly gay & would not want him to tell anyone that I was. I was pretty sure that I would not want to make a move but two days ago he was here at my house chilling with me.

He was sitting on my bed when he started falling asleep. At first I thought it was funny looking at him dosing off, but then I started checking him out. He had jeans on that fit him just right (not to baggy not to tight). He had a plain whit T-shirt that fit him him just perfect.

I kept noticing that I would look at his crotch & every time I did it made me feel excited. I know I will most likely not make a move cause I am in love with someone already (you know who you are). But I would like to know what you guys think I should do
Caliboy23 Caliboy23
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3 Responses Feb 7, 2012

In the uk its 16 in the us i think its state by state .... In any case you could hang out no sex and see ..does he talk about girls alot ?

hands off hes a minor

well my friend what can i say you waited so long for love then you end up with allmost having to pick like me i has 8 offers since i had Ryan who is mine for keeps but noone before hand life gets you like that some times here its 16 not 18 but i be ok any way Ryan will be 18 a week or 2 before he come to live with me

I have to say you are a very very lucky man I wish I could be in your place

Iam do lucky yes we both feel the same he flying from texas to the uk 13 hours to be with me and yes I had alot of messages and good luck wishes and people say they wish it was them or wishing it was them I was adopting as a son that why I put the 2 blogs up but if me and Ryan can find love and happiness we all can just dont stop looking and seeking your dream nither of us thought we find what we wanted then bang bingo it there so to all i say never give up hold on to your dream and keep faith in yourself the pot of gold will come when you least expect it to i all thought that