I Had Sex With My 16 Year Old Cousin

Two years ago, when i was 12 and he was 14, my parents had to go to another country on a business trip. i was learning about *** and stuff in health at that time and i knew alot. my parents asked my cousin to watch over me while they were gone. I really liked my cousin and i have to admit, he was pretty cute. i already had a crush on him and was thrilled to hear that he would spent time with me. he came over the night when my mom and dad left. i went up to my room and started the shower. i always wear my bra and underwear when i bath or shower because i am scared of anyone walking in on me. sure enough, my cousin, who's name is Dave, walked in because he needed to pee. he was shocked and kept repeating sorry over and over again. i was quite shocked when he apologised. he was a **** addict and would watch it whenever he had the chance. i said it was okay and he used the toilet. as he walked out, i saw him wink at me, i couldnt tell why, but i finished and went to his room and asked why he didnt knock. he told me that he never knocked but will from then, i told him that it was okay and that i really didnt mind. he teased me and said if he could watch next time. i surprised him with a maybe. when he said that, i knew he was flirting and got the teeniest tingle below. i got out and went to bed. i woke up in the middle of the night out of thirst. i walked past his room and noticed him at the computer. i walked over to him, but he quickly closed whatever he was viewing. i told him i knew what it was and he asked if i ever felt like doing it. i said maybe, and he asked if i would do it with him, i slowly gave him a nod and he got up and came to me. we started kissing and i was undressed really quickly. he asked me if we should do other things or just go to it. i decided to just go ahead and lost my v. i know this is wierd, but it was the most memorable night i ever had. we did it one more time when i turned 13, but after that, he moved and we didnt see each other for a while...until now.
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So, you want me to believe that a 14 years old kid with stinky sneaker was asked to become responsible of you and your house. Didn't he go to school? Come on, he was 14. Why didn't you move to his house while your parents were out? Oh, I know, because your uncle or aunt could have found you and you could have not been able to write this story. And that was right at the beginning. About the rest..., my comment is ,don't write mystery. But, as a sexy/innocent story? Yes it was good. I'll read the second part. So. What happened after that?

14 year olds in your country might behave like that. Maybe you should think over the family and background of a person before you judge them.

honestly its pretty sick that u did that with ur cousin.. it`de be better if he was like your moms friend son that would be better but its sick to have sex with ur family member

if you want help message me your details so i can add you on facebook and we can talk there :) i dont really like going on this site to much brings back to much bad memorys ay :/