I Am Confused: What Does My Teacher Want??

Hey everyone.. :)

Now, maybe it might seem similar to most of the stories on the internet about students thinking that their teacher has a crush on them and all.. But I need help here, so that I don't jump to any wrong conclusions about that man..

I'm currently 15 years old, gonna be 16 in a month and I'm in H.S. Now, I have a teacher, a Zoology teacher, to be more precise. He is at least 42 to 45 (I'm sorry I don't know his age) and he is unmarried. He joined nearly a month and a half ago. I'll call him Mr.D here. Now these are the basics.

On the very first day of his arrival, while he was teaching, my friend passed me a note (a joke) and he came and took the note from my hands, and said in a stern voice that "you come here to study not to pass notes" and didn't even scold her. Now this made me pretty angry as he showed some sort of biased decision. And throughout the class I decided that I'll be totally serious and won't even talk. He suddenly looked at my cold face and started making some jokes about the topic we were studying. Everyone laughed, except me and he kept trying harder and harder and kept on making jokes till I laughed as well. There was a look of satisfaction in his eyes after that. I consider it coming from guilt so no big deal..

Now, me, my friend Miss A and my other friend Miss M sit together. The three of us noticed that Mr.D was always staring at Ms.M. I and Ms.A used to taunt Ms.M about that a lot. But that was our misconception. One day Mr.D saw that Ms.M wasn't letting me concentrate on what was being taught, so he asked her to get up and sit somewhere else. That was the day when we realized that he didn't used to stare at Ms.M, he used to stare at me. We caught him doing so 19 times in 2 hours. And then during the other classes, we noticed him doing the same. I thought maybe just because he liked to stare at something while speaking, so it still wasn't a very big deal for me, as I get stared at almost every day by some guy or the other wherever I go.

One day, Ms.M told me a joke during his class, and being the loudspeaker as I am, I laughed pretty loud. It was awkward, but Mr.D smiled at me and said nothing. After a while, he caught another girl chatting with her friend and he scolded her for not paying attention. He never scolds me for anything at all...
Once I seemed a little stressed out in class as I had lost my ID card and my wallet with a 100 bucks in it After class, when I went upstairs, he followed me and askked me what was worrying me (my friend who was standing there was pretty surprised). I told him what was wrong and he gave me a solution. That was pretty sweet of him to show concern, but I hope that wasn't a cue or anything.

I have many doubts in his subject (Zoology being my favorite subject, I study it and doubts naturally arise) so I go to him for extra classes. [NOTE: Extra classes consist of only one teacher and only one student in an empty small room). While teaching, his eyes keep getting locked to mine and something inside me surges and asks me to lower my eyes and I do so, but after a few seconds, it happens again. The kind of look he gives is so deep, almost as if we weren't studying but on a date. Anyways, one such day (the day on which I had doubts), instead of taking me upstairs, he took me to the basement and taught me there. That day he made a few jokes around me, made me laugh a lot more than required and taught me a diagram which he hadn't taught any other student (it made me easy as hell to remember the structure of the human heart). When we were done, he suddenly asked if I had his phone number and when I said no, I don't, he gave me his number and asked me to call him. That was a little strange..

On a holiday he arranged extra classes for our class as our course was lagging a little. After the classes, when I was standing at the bus stop, he came with two other boys from my class and asked me if I wanted to have a chocolate or not? Seeing me hesitating, he asked me to bring Ms.A along with me. I did so, and the five of us shared a big chocolate. He then talked to us for nearly half an hour on the street. While we were leaving, he asked me which direction I lived in, and then said "bye, take care". Heartwarming, it was.

The day before yesterday, I called him up. I wanted to cancel the classes I told him I was gonna take but he convinced me not to cancel. This all happened within 2 minutes, and just as I was gonna say "bye", he asked me what was I doing? After that, he continued to talk to me for 32 minutes.. That was strange to me.

Yesterday, I went for the extra classes he convinced me to. Now, I drew the mirror image of the diagram he had drawn, seeing which, he laughed a lot, and strangely, he was looking at me very admiringly. With each laugh and stare of his, it felt as if he was just about to get up and give me a light peck on the cheek (thank God no such thing happened!).. Today was my test and after giving the test, I went to him to confirm if I had given the right answers or not. After discussing about the question paper, he said that now I have to start studying even harder to get even better grades and I told him after doing all the chores, I am left with only 3 and a half hours. He said "then 'we' have to make out time from the weekends and holidays". The ''we' part was kind of strange.

Now readers, please tell me what exactly is he trying to do? Every time I meet him in the hallways, he smiles and nods at me in a cheeky way. He starts correcting his hair shirt and pants.. And he's always there.

What exactly is it? Please give me your opinions. Thanks a lot for taking your time and reading about my dilemma :)
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I think it's pretty odd that he does that and u might wanna keep your distance from him!!!!! Hope u find my comment helpful!!!!!

I have the same situation!!!
My teacher always do something make me feel strange.

Paedo-Teachers: They're everywhere ;)

Don't worry... I'm in 8th grade. but in 7th, i had a math teacher, Mr. McCartney, and he always treated me better than my friends.hes 34 at the moment. i liked playing tag. so i wanted to see how many teachers i can get to play tag. 3 all together.2 guys and 1 girl. he started playing... but it never stopped. remember, i was always shy and quiet and only spoke when supposed to. he did everything he could to get to know me. every time my friends tried to play tag w/him, he never tagged back.I'm being serious. i sat in the very back of class and there was one desk exactly behind me. he wanted me to talk but everyone else to be quiet. so he moved the noisiest boy next to me on my right. Every time the boy, "B.D." as you know him now, went to the board, Mr. M. sat behind me and sat in very awkward positions.My friends always noticed. When B.D. came back, the teacher went away...weird.After a while he moved me closest to the door. When we watched a video. He'd ask me if I can turn off the lights. I do. I sit back down. He would always sit right behind me at the computers . I would always feel him staring at me so I look. I can see the glare from the windows shine on his eyes....... and he'd be staring at me.He'd smile. This also happened when I took tests. We'd move our desks away from everyone else. So I had no one to hide behind. I couldn't think.I look up and yep.....he's staring. After a few times looking back at him. He'd relized what he was doing and look away. He always wanted me to talk to him. All my friends asked him if he was their friend he said "No, I'm not your friend I'm you teacher." So I asked them to ask him if he's my friend. He said "yes".At the beginning of 8th gr. we went outside, the whole school did, my friend and I , were tied together by the wrists. He found me outside with my friends. He tried following me around my friends. I got tied up, couldn't escape. So I get up beside my other friend bent my legs a little and put my hands on my head. I can still hear him. He comments, "nice skinny jeans, Sabrina. Well, this was a nice conversation."After a few seconds of silence i asked my friends if he was gone they said yes.To this day he still haunts me. Checking me out. Still trying to get me to talk.Growing a pedobeard. He did like getting stiffys. It's just that day at the parent/teacher conf. My mother told HIM ONLY... EVERYTHING about ME!!!!!!!!!!!I even had an encounter w/him today. Now my 8th gr. reading teachers starting to act like a creeper towards me too..... I'm being cradle robbed... I'm only 13.

I'd suggest you talk to him and tell him (in the course of your convo) that you have a boyfriend :D
I got committed a month and 8 days after those incidents and he came to know about it.
Though he never mistreated me in class, but he held a certain, BIG grudge against my boyfriend. Can't help the jealousy, can he? ;)
Anyway. I pretended to be busy or preoccupied with my guy whenever he was around, so he got the hint and moved away. Helped me :)

OMD that's my story up there, but I never wrote that and I was never cradle robbed! This pissed me off.

What the ****?

well, i am in the same situation! except that i don't take extra lessons but the cheeky smiles, the fact that he never scolds me about anything even though i'm the guilty one, the playful nudges, the names he calls me, he'll look at me often, he just stares at me when people tease me about him liking me as more than just a student... and, to be honest, i'm confused too!

Remember the Mary Latouneau case you wouldn't want to be remembered like she is would you? Google her story and think

I googled it and I DEFINITELY don't want it to end up like that :O Thanks a lot for telling me know about that case :)

Don't let him get you in trouble and save him from bringing trouble on himself.Stay your distance from him.

Thanks a lot, that's what I felt as well :)

To the person who thanked me, you're welcome :) Do share your views about what you think of my experience and what, according to you, should I do?