Shes Soo Young And Cute :)

Ok so im a chick who thinks my teacher is reeaally cute. I dont know why but she is just so adorable and it may be weird saying that since im only 14 and the teachers gatta be about 24 or 25 but.. Shes just so cute! Like shes nicely fit, she has cute dimples, and i just LOVE her smile. I mean like im not sure if i have a crush on her yet.. but i think it might develop into one cause everytime i see her i try not to stare but damn man.. lol. Oh but the good thing is i think she likes me too like forreal! Because she stares at me alot and one time when she was talking to my friend I asked my friend something and she walked away like she always does that! I think shes trying to seriously restrain herself no lie! Another time i was going into my locker and i dropped a book so i bent down to get it and when i turned around i seriously think she was staring then she looked at me but i didnt have time to look exactly back cause i was rushing to get into class :( But yeah.. I guess ill have to wait and see how things go but i think she might be one of those chicks with a naughty side like a chick who likes to boss/mommy young girls.. haha thats so sexy to me :) but yeah if not whatever if so awesome!! Oh and yeah and if your one of those people who are gonna tell me ooo its bad and crap like that just dont bother commenting D:
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2010

Your first of many. Sounds like you are on a good path because you are able to reconize these feelings and not wig out.

I've just read this and I feel the same way about my sports teacher, finally someone I can actually relate to.