Okay, I have like a huuugggggeee crush on one of the teachers at school. she's so lovely and attractive and young and yeah.
I sort of have since she started but since I got her for a teacher for the last two terms, I started acting like I do when I like someone and going really shy around her and blushing and stuff. And I think she took the hint, cause she started speaking to me one on one and being hell sweet to me and stuff. And I dunno, to be honest, I think my feelings towards her are nearly as strong as my feeling were towards Cassey. And I feel like I need to persue it. But I know that it could land us both in a lot of trouble and I really don't know what to do.
Should I make it obvious? But in a subtle, 'im not going to admit it' way?
Or will it be easier to just walk up to her, tell her and walk away?
I dont know. I know this could land us both in big trouble. I know theres the huge possibility that she's straight and if not, that she doesnt feel the same.
It's all so confusing, but it just feels right, you know?
SamIsGay SamIsGay
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013